not entirely sure about matching, help!?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I admit, I impulse bought a pair of Miu Miu flats, they were 100bucks and screamed BUY ME at that time lol! :graucho:

    I dont hate it, but I dont know how to match it my wardrobe. Its a tad hard.:crybaby: Should I go with more solid colored clothes or something? any advice would help thanks guys!



  2. I would say the solid-colored clothing is a good idea. Personally, I would do something like a white/light solid skirt (or maybe even plain jeans) with a darker, solid top (black or grey).
  3. THOSE SHOES ROCK...I so would have bought them too.
    I would say a light color jean paired with a white shirt and black skinny belt plus a necklace with like a big gem like red medallion.
  4. I'd stay away from trying to match the red and wear them with black, grey and white.
  5. Those are awesome and you probably want for them to be the statement piece of your outfit, neutrals on top and then bam with the shoes! Although I can also see a bright top, dark wash jeans and then the shoes.

    I wish you well,

  6. LEGEND! all you guys! thank you! i pulled the first look the other day with blacks and whites, worked like a CHARM i tell ya! :biggrin:
  7. I bet some grey pants would look cute. I really like those!