Not enough lux online?

  1. I thought the following article from was pretty interesting It is on the dearth of legitimate luxury retailers online, specifically how most lux retailers hesitate to sell their products online despite the fact that most retailers who sell online as well as in brick and mortar stores make more than ones who don’t. Now I can understand why Hermes wouldn’t want to sell iconic items such as the Birkin and the Kelly online, but I think they would greatly increase their profits, and reach new converts to the brand, if it wasn’t so tied to a physical location. For example, I live in a big city, but I am at least 200mi away from the closest Hermes so even though I can afford the product, the brand isn’t that accessible to me. At the very least, they could expand their selection of scarves, jewelry, accessories, and handbags (say the Bolide, the Lindy, the Evelyn, ect) to their online world.

    Any thoughts on this? Would it significantly change the way you view the brand if it was sold online through the H website?
  2. I have given this a lot of thought since I read that article earlier today. The shortest answer I can give is that I KNOW my husband would spend a lot more money on Hermes items if he could easily buy them online. As it is, when he needs to get a gift, he either calls the 800 number and talks to them about what he thinks the person (OK it's nearly always me) would like, or he just buys a gift certificate. I think he would enjoy shopping online more than he enjoys his options as they are.

    I also know that I personally would love to be able to really see certain items in great detail at my leisure, sort of like they do now with scarves and enamel bracelets. Watches and fine jewelry, for instance, strike me as a natural fit for the online stores. I'd like to see a larger selection of items, as well, and not such an arbitrary sampling. Another thing I'd like to see from them is some sort of parity between the various sites; for instance, there's a Twilly available on the UK site that is not available on the US site, but I want it! :p Can't find it in stores, and it's WAY too high-priced on eBay. I mean, it's a Twilly.

    That being said, I do not think Hermes would (or really should) ever even attempt to sell any bag online other than the GP and the Silky Pop, etc. Even a Bolide, Lindy or Evelyne is handmade and is just as individual and time-consuming to make as any Birkin or Kelly. There's just no practical way for them to have an ecommerce business in handbags, at least in my opinion.
  3. Ms Jade, I am not sure if I will like buying the prized Kelly and Birkin online from should it become available. To me, the whole buying experience from discussing the specs, ordering the bag to actually receiving the bag, is a beautiful in-store experience not found anywhere.

    I get very pampered when a bag of mine has arrived at the store. I shop at Hermes because the experience is heart-warming. I stopped buying from the likes of Prada, Gucci (never went to LV) because I was only another transacting customer, and to them, it's just another bag buying customer and I am faceless to them.

    At the store, the SAs treat me like the :queen: (not that I am! LOL!)
  4. That's very true about being just a number at most luxury brands nowadays.
  5. I'm with you, Mrs S. Even when a bag comes in for me, and my SA offers to have it sent out to me that very day, I decline. For me, half the fun is the store experience, sharing the excitement with the SA's, perhaps a glass of champagne...I even told DH before I had any Hermes bags that if he ever decided to surprise me with a bag, please let me come into the store when the purchase was made - the purchase is half the experience! There's just nothing like walking out of the store, swinging a big orange bag on your arm (with a big orange box inside!).
  6. ^^ITA. Same with small items, too. I have called and paid for things and asked them to be set aside for me. I would rather wait until I can go in and get them, it is a rare treat to go there, it is like a wonderful museum of craftsmanship and style.

    ...Where you are the star!!!
  7. MrsS, once again, very well stated. For me, spending this kind of money on a handbag (or for example, jewelry), I really want the whole experience & there is nothing like shopping in an H boutique. Plus, I have found the relationships I develop with SAs are invaluable (personally..not just for my little addiction).
  8. I agree....I can't wait to go to a Hermes boutique someday. You can't get that kind of experience online. Although, I do like online shopping and I would like to see H offer more things for those of us who like to shop that way. My first Hermes purchase probably will be online (the nearest boutique is a few hours away) as I'd love to buy the pink and white tea cups for a friend and there is a scarf I do like. As far as the big handbag purchases go, I agree with everyone here. I wondered if they were testing the waters by offering the Garden Party bags online? Maybe, they could offer a 'wish list feature'. Type in your zip code, bag prefs, and maybe you'd get a call when one comes in? Then you can go to the boutique to look at it and see if you would like to buy it. But to offer a Birkin or Kelly online...that could turn into a logistical nightmare. I don't think it's a good idea.
  9. I too like the fact that Hermes handbags can only be purchased from a physical location. I have not had the pleasure of going into an H Boutique since the closest one to me is 6 hours. However, I enjoy the relationship I share with my SA and for right now I have to enjoy receiving my H purchases FedEx. One day I plan to order a bag and go to Vegas to the boutique and pick it up. I can't wait for that experience!!!
  10. Yes you are :yes::yes:.