Not Emotionally Ready?


Nov 30, 2010
Raleigh, NC
I know I am sounding dramatic and maybe ya'll may think this is a silly post but where else would I turn for the advice? OK, I thought I was ready to buy my first Chanel. I have been wanting a Chanel bag for a very very long time but I've always talked myself out of it and purchased Louis Vuitton and similar. I have always justified being able to carry an LV on a more regular basis and not being quite as afraid to ruin it or it being too fancy for daily wear. So now the time has come that I am ready to purchase my first Chanel and to stop talking myself out of what I've always wanted. Problem is, I honestly do not feel emotionally ready. I know that sounds dramatic but what else will I have to look forward to when Chanel has been my dream. Yeah, I know, I can look forward to another Chanel but its not the same. Also, being able to buy 2 bags for the price of the Chanel I want. Do ya'll carry your Chanel as a daily wear bag? Not asking so much about the ones that look more casual and do not have the chain handle. Am I being silly? Why am I so scared? LOL

Thank you for allowing me to vent and to possibly receive some feedback :graucho:



Jun 2, 2009
Well one incentive to go ahead and get the chanel of your dreams is that the prices keep going up so it will be harder to take the plunge the longer you wait. I just got my first Chanel a few weeks ago and I have no regrets! It's so timeless that I know I'll use it for many many years~

Ultimately, you should make the decision that makes you comfortable though... Good luck!


Dec 22, 2007
Right where I want to be
I think that perhaps you are overthinking it. If you can afford a Chanel and love them...."just do it"! Don't worry about what else you will look forward to. Soon enough, it will be something else, whether it is a bag or something totally different. And, of course, you can carry it as a daily bag...after you get it it will just naturally fit in with your wardrobe/collection. So, I say....don't overthink it, just get it and enjoy!! And please post pics when you do :biggrin:.
Oct 12, 2010
its completely normal to feel the way you do. I also feel the same before purchasing my first Chanel and because the fact that the price is pretty steep as well. I have thought about also purchasing a LV instead because it's cheaper and I know I would use it more because it's a casual and daily bag. However, it just seem that no matter what other bags you own or buy, you will still keep lusting after a Chanel bag. So rather than spending money on an alternative because it cheaper, get something you don't have and know that it's really what you want. You could end up spending more then plan to if you buy alternative instead. Be careful when you purchase your first Chanel bag though, you'll get addicted real fast! :love:


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Aug 19, 2006
You're definitely over-thinking it. I would just buy the Chanel and enjoy it. Trust me, you cannot and will not stop at one. You will be looking forward to another one. Honestly, I am no longer impressed with LV, I used to love LV and would buy an LV bag over anything else but I have gotten rid of half of my LV collection over the last year and now I only have 8-9 LV's left...I just love how timeless and less common Chanel is. And as cc8210, buy Chanel while you still can, since the price will just keep going up.


Apr 14, 2010
Vancouver, BC
With the ongoing price increases, I say take a deep breath and buy. At the rate they're going I'll probably restrict myself to pre-loved or sale items when it comes it their bags. Plus there will always be more bags to aim for. Just avoid Hermes:P


Jul 13, 2010
Melbourne Australia
The really exciting feeling of buying your first chanel wont dissapear after you get it, because i still felt just as excited buying my 2nd and 3rd. Trust me, Every chanel purchase is just as special as the one before. If you can afford it, get it. Because even though you can buy 2 other bags for the price of 1 chanel... once you have those 2 bags, all you still want is the chanel. definitely worth it, good luck to you! x


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I agree with what others have posted here; if you really want a Chanel bag, buy it now! The prices have nowhere to go but up! I just bought two Channel bags in the last year or so and I was disappointed that I started buying them a month or so after a major price increase. I think there was one, maybe two price increases since then, and I am glad that I got them when I did.

On the other hand, maybe you should ask yourself if you would be happier with something else if you feel guilty about spending so much money. I originally wanted to buy a Birkin, but I thought that the money was a little insane for just one bag. Instead I was able to get three LV bags and two Chanels for what I was going to pay for the Birkin. I am happy with my choice and glad I didn't plunge into getting the Birkin. I guess it just depends on what is most important to you.


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
Buying other brand's bags when you really want a Chanel is never going to satisfy you. Maybe you need that feeling of 'one day' more than you need the actual bag.

Chanel bags are - just bags :yes: they won't change your life or have magic powers just enhance your wardrobe. Maybe you know this but don't want to prove it to yourself?

If pouring so much money into one bag worries you why not buy a pre-loved Chanel? If it really suits your lifestyle and you start to feel 'at home' with it then you might find buying a new one less challenging.

The best of luck to you :hugs:


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Mar 23, 2008
I so know what you are talking about! I haven't been quite ready to have my first chanel but with the coming price increases I just thought that I might as well buy one and try it out.
I also trouble with my clothing because I've been on a saving mode these few years with clothing (when doing my bachelors and now graduating coming spring) and I've been using the same selection over again not really buying much new ones. Right now nothing really suits with the flap but I'm waiting for summer-fall 2011 when I move to london and start renewing my whole wardrope :graucho:

I would be using my flap then as an everyday bag since I want to buy bags that I really use and not just keep in the closet for special occations.
I do wish for birkin that I wouldn't maybe use as an everyday bag and I fear that I'm not as emotionally ready for it yeat. But I bet that when I get used to it ("yeah I have a birkin.. so what :cutesy: it's just a ordinary bag for me now") I will use it as often like the others :tup:

So my advice would be that buy it now and try to get used to it and if you don't like it - sell! :biggrin: you'll get more what you paid for it if you wait longer enough and then you can buy more LVs or whatever you feel more comfortable enough with.


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Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
Here's the thing: I have a black lambskin flap with the gold hardware,and I think it looks fab with jeans and a T-shirt. I love the juxtaposition of casual with the gold and lambskin.
Nov 16, 2009
Are you scared because you might feel guilty in purchasing a Chanel bag -one that you know costs double the price of a LV? I have a classic caviar medium double flap and I have a 2.55 mademoiselle lock reissue 226. Both were purchased at a significantly lower cost than what they are worth today... I have never felt guilty because these are bags I really really wanted. I guess I also do not feel guilty because the prices I paid weren't so bad then... I am glad that I feel complete with these two bags... I think I would be having the same worries you might have if I were planning on purchasing a Chanel today. When it comes down to it... it's the price that is probably behind your feelings. I think the others are right... you should purchase one now even if you do not feel so sure as long as you can afford it... It seems like you can, since you have justified that you could buy two LVs instead of a Chanel. You will regret not purchasing a Chanel now because in the future the prices are only going to increase... LV is great... but it sounds like you have a lot... Do you really want more of the same LV or do you want something different... something iconic and classic... the bag you've always wanted... (Sorry... I feel like a little devil on your shoulder.) I have to admit that I do not get to wear my Chanels as often as I'd like... (I don't get out much... :sad: ) My cost-per-wear justification has gone down the drain... but I do not regret buying them because the few times I do pull them out and get to wear them, I feel so great! No other bag I have gives me that feeling including my LV. (But wait till I get a Birkin or Kelly! Er... No... I think I'd still love my Chanels just as much! lol)
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Oct 30, 2006
Hmm, was on the same boat....feel guilty whenever I think of Chanel, I can buy 2 LVs. However, it's different cause buying a leather bag and compare it with 2 canvas bags is definitely different! Unless you compare apple to apple, with LV Mahina or Suhali.

If you really want a Chanel, don't buy LV just because you want to justify that it's cheaper and you don't feel the guilt.

I bought a Damier Verona MM just 3 months ago while contemplating with the Chanel. Then I said oh, let's wait for the Empriente Lumineuse PM....I was so excited for it to launch. Saw it but didn't like it. I ended getting a Chanel GST last Saturday, it is satisfying but on the other hand, I shouldn't have bought the it's sitting in my closet but thank god I didn't buy the Lumineuse PM!!


Oct 31, 2009
New York City
There is always Hermes to look forward to. As for the getting two LV bags for the price of one Chanel, who really cares if what you want is the Chanel. Two more bags from another designer is not going to fulfill your desire for the Chanel, it's just more stuff you might not love in your closet. If you want it buy, take it home and leave it sitting someplace you will frequently see it. After a few days of looking at it you will know if your ready to take the tags off and use it or return it to the store.