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  1. Too GOOD to Be TRUE??? Has anyone stumbled onto this site?? I just did and the prices are way to low to be REAL.... Right???

    The thing is, the LINK for this I BELIEVE BOGUS DESIGNER PURSE site was advertised up on top of one of these forum pages. HUMMMM

    Thanks, Rev. TJ
  2. Well, let's see: Rolex watches for $89.00 (just to go with your new bag =)
  3. My second clue was this from their "About Us" page:

    About Us

    Welcome to We strive to bring you the best online shopping experience. is exclusively positioned to present to you the newest and hottest in styles and trends.

    Each piece leaves our hands with all the intricate details intact, just like the original. Our replicas ar delivered safely, swiftly and directly to your door. Each of our products, be it Louis Vuitton wallets, Fendi replica handbags and purses, Chanel purses, Chloe, Gucci or other, is made of the highest grade materials available, properly date coded, with serial number and authenticity stamp.

  4. Very shady taking the Elux logo. Why wont people just give up on making fake bags...only in a perfect world right? lol
  5. YUCK..FAKE SITE.Please post ALL authenticity questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.