Not earth shattering, but target has deoderant 3 for $5

  1. I was at target yesterday and they had certain brands of deoderant 3 for $5.00. I bought dove, but they also had men's deoderant and a few other brands.

    Also, check out their clearance because just about everything is on clearance for the summer stuff, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.
  2. Wow we don't have Target here... Soon though, sounds like a great deal!
  3. Thanks for posting. We use these stuff too other than handbags!!
  4. :tup: I heart Target! :tup:
  5. I'll have to hit up Target this weekend and see how the clearance sections are. :tup:
  6. One of my favorite stores!!! Thanks for the info!!!
  7. I just recently signed up for a US mail forwarding service and was going to place an online order with Target. I want to get that Devi Kroell bag out of pure curiousity. :yes:

    Does anyone have any must-have favourite items that I should pick up? I've been trying to find something to complete my order to get free shipping and I'm wondering what's good to buy. :idea:
  8. You should check out the Libertine collection. It's the new GO collection after Patrick Robinson. There is some pretty cute stuff. If you look hard enough, you can also find a code for 10% off. I would give it to you but I don't remember where I found it. It took some digging and trying several codes before one worked. Plus, if you are a member of Lucky Rewards, you can get 3% back from your purchase. I just made my first ever Target online order and I think I scored a bit (with the code and Lucky Rewards). I went to 3 Targets to find the Libertine collection and only one had displayed it. They put it out a few days early so they were missing some sizes. I wasn't going to be bothered to find another Target. It worked out in the end.
  9. i bought some cute rainboots from last year they were $20. i love them!!
  10. thanks for posting. i love target.