Not Designer, But I Like!

  1. Hey everyone,

    Here is my most recent shoe purchase, not designer, but I love them!

    Think I've done the picture correctly. (hoping!)

  2. It's cute. What brand is this?
  3. They're just from Topshop :smile:
  4. I like them too, they are very cute. There is plenty of non-designer shoes that are very cute, afordable and good quality.
  5. Those are really cute!
  6. Thanks :smile:

    The black part is actually suede but doesn't show up too well in the photo... :smile:
  7. At first, I thought it was purple velvet, but black suede is nice too. I'm envious that we don't have Topshop here -- they always seem to have the best buys. They're a great find!
  8. they really are nice!
  9. Yeah topshop does have great buys! When I lived in London, I always popped in there to check out all of the cute stuff they had. Great shoe! :smile:
  10. I like those. They're very dramatic.
  11. Thanks all... :smile:

    They actually did come in a purple suede but they sold out and I missed out... :sad:

    There are some black ones on eBay right now though..
  12. LOVE those!