not Designer - but i just couldn't resist!!

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  1. The past week has been very stressful so i decided to take myself shopping this morning :smile: I didn't think for one second that i'd purchase shoes because i hardly ever do, it's normally clothes or bags lol

    But these little beauties caught my eye and i just HAD to have them!!!!!

    Made of beautiful patent Geranium colour leather.... and the price? only £15, about $22, in the sale!. I know they aren't designer but i just can't keep them to myself :smile:

    I bought them in my local store because they're out of stock online :sad:

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  2. very cute!
  3. hot, nothing like a red pairs of heels to make a girl feel sexy
  4. oooh how cute those are!!!
  5. Cute shoes!

    and hey, so what if they aren't designer? If someone on here thinks that designer is the only way to go.. they need to get a grip on reality!
  6. I love them. Guilt free too!
  7. Lots of folks here have low & mid-end shoes. Designers are nice, but most of us can't stock up at those prices.

    BTW -love Maryjanes!
  8. aw thanks everybody!!!! and they look so cute with my speedy's little red bow :smile:

    wooo they're getting their debut at dinner tonight xx
  9. They are so cute!!! I'm sure you will look great tonight! Pls report back, the compliments you will get!
  10. They are gorgeous shoes. Congrats on your bargain!!
  11. Very cute!
  12. Red pumps FTW. congrats!
  13. Beautiful!!!
  14. OMG they are from Dotty P ?? I love them. I also get some great shoes from new look !!! ( as you can tell, I am a fellow Brit, I just live in Barcelona at the moment !!! Oh how I miss the U.K High Street !!! ) :woohoo:
  15. I love them! :tup: