Not comfortable with this buyer -- what to do?

  1. What would you do in this situation? Who do I contact at eBay? I am not comfortable doing this with this seller. She wants to pay me cash, pick up the bag and then tell eBay that we mutually agreed to not complete the transaction. What do you guys think?

    Hi, thank you for the reply. I have another ID selling on eBay sometimes too. I know we can agree not to finish the transaction, and request eBay to refund the final transaction fee. I did that many times because the bidder didn't pay.

    I guess eBay probably charges you about $30 as final transaction fee. And if I pay you cash, you don't have to pay paypal fee either, which will be almost $30. And you don't have to pay shipping if I pick up.

    What I mean is that I pick up from your place and pay you cash. Then you can go ahead request to mutually withdraw the transaction from ebay. It's very easy to process. You don't have to do that until I pay you and pick up the bag. That way you are still protected by eBay since the transaction is still valid.

    Hope I made the above clear. I'm asking for a better price because I know there can be quite a bit saving that we can do. Hope you can consider.

    thank you very much.
  2. I'd tell her to kiss my you know what. She can pay the price she won for the bag, and follow your TOS (some people allow pick ups in person, others dont) or you'll file a NPB on her if she doesnt complete the sale.

    I'm sure you can report her to ebay under something, just not sure what since its an awful odd request of the buyer.
  3. I think the whole thing sounds a little suspicious. I would be wary of doing a local pickup because there is no record of shipping. If the buyer pays cash, there is no record of payment. I think that you would both be vulnerable in this situation. Even if the buyer is being honest that she is just trying to save money (which I'm reluctant to believe), the whole thing just seems off.
  4. I would report her. any concerns or questions reguarding shipping or form of payment should be asked before they bid. If you feel uncomfortable (i would too) i would not go thru with it at all
  5. Sounds like a big FAT SCAM!

    Tell her to either abide by the terms of the auction or else! Well, you can say it in your own words. LOL

    Send the entire email from her and any other details to !!

    Good luck and keep us updated!!
  6. It's up to you; I actually see her point - she saves money, you save money if you mutually end the transaction. Technically it violates the fee avoidance rule on Ebay, so it is "wrong" in Ebay's eyes. But if you *did* feel comfortable (which you don't), you could meet her in a public place, make sure you get real cash, cancel the transaction AFTER payment is made, and have a favorable transaction.

    Pros: Both of you save money, you don't have to deal with shipping; you cancel the transaction so she can't claim she didn't get the purse, etc. Cons: She might see the bag and decide she doesn't like it and changes her mind; you no longer get feedback for the transaction since it's been canceled; you are technically violating Ebay policy.

    Since you don't feel comfortable, just let her know kindly that for safety reasons (or state Ebay policy), you prefer to just handle the transaction via regular shipping methods. It personally doesn't sound to me like she's trying to scam you, but just saving some money, but if you don't feel right then you have the choice not to comply with her request. Good luck!
  7. Thanks all. It does seem like an odd request -- she is trying to save $20 shipping cost on an item that she won for $570?

    I have told her no, I'm not comfortable with her request. I'll see how she responds.
  8. my momma always told me to say NO to strangers
  9. I would also so no. complete the transaction (receive and leave feedback) and then report her to ebay.
  10. keep us informed. i am not comfortable with no proof of sale or delivery. it sounds almost like ebay itself was trying to entrap you into a scam! too many key words.
  11. No way, no how!! Tell her thanks, but no thanks. Is she refusing to pay if you do not go alonge with her plan?
  12. Well, she finally agreed to pay the $570 for the bag but she wants to pick it up to save the $20 shipping charge.

    I told her that at this time I am uncomfortable having her pick it up in person, and she needs to include the $20 for shipping so I can send it to her. Hopefully she will comply and I can get this icky transaction over with!
  13. Good Lord. She is really trying isnt she? LOL

    Good for you for sticking to your guns!
  14. She is ridiculous. I'm in San Francisco and she's in Sunnyvale, which is about 40 miles away. It will take her over an hour to get here and who knows how much in gas and wear and tear to her car! Some people have no common sense.

    Still no payment on the bag, we'll see ...
  15. No, don't do it! That's so dishonest-- I would not want to deal with someone like that! And I wouldn't want her to have my bag!