Not calling potential employer back.

  1. I'm feelin all twisted and knotted up like I'm hiding from my parents from being late with curfew or something!

    I had a job interview with a small doctors office last week and they called me back this morning to schedule another 2nd interview. I missed the call and called them back immediately but then they got busy and said they will call me back soon. 3 hours later, I receive the call but I was at ..another job interview!!! 1.5 hours later, when I was done with that job interview, I felt guilty for taking so long to get back to them so I decided NOT to call bc I'm a chicken.

    They just tried to call me again and left me a voice mail. I am a little intimidated to listen to it. It's definitely TOO late to call them back now for sure cuz it's been almost 5 hours!!!!

    Has anyone ever ditched job calls like this? What is the correct way to tell the new potential employers that you are no longer interested?

    I plan to just call them later around 9pm and leave them a voicemail saying thanks but no thanks. :push::sweatdrop:
  2. you should politely decline, you never know if you may want to work there in the future...or if you ever will encounter them again. stuff comes back to you, treat everyone as you want to be treated.

    hope the perfect job finds you!
  3. I would have tried to politely decline..but after I left the other job interview, I felt as if it was too late to call back..then time past by and now its 5 hours later and I feel so horrible.

    I really was interested with their company last week but I continued on with my job hunting just to keep my options open just in case they didn't want me.

    There's no way I will go back there to inquire for another job in the future.

    Gosh! I totally just burned my bridges.

    I will still call them back LATER after office hours to leave a nice voicemail. :sad:
  4. calling them back the next day isn't too late. as awkward it may be, it's much better to be honest than to avoid their calls. telling them the truth is always best, that you've gone in another direction, etc, just be honest. also, you never know when it may come back to bite you in the bum later on...

  5. Will do. I have a little plan. :tup: I feel as horrible as it is. If I didn't really care I wouldn't even be dwelling on it! :sweatdrop:
  6. good luck, i'm sure everything will go well for you!! :idea: try not to fret and get too sick over it! :p
  7. I think calling and leaving a voice mail is fine. That way you still are acting professional in returning the call, but you don't have to do that awkward 'not interested' thing with a real person. Good luck job hunting! :tup:
  8. Wait a would you still want this job if it weren't for the phone tag issue? Or are you just embarrassed about the situation that you are afraid to call back? Because if that's the case, then you have nothing to worry about - the company can't expect you to be waiting by the phone hours later. It is perfectly acceptable to call them back and let them know that you got caught up in things and weren't able to return their call until tomorrow.

    If you DON'T want to schedule a second interview for other reasons, do like the others suggested and leave a polite "thanks but no thanks" voicemail after hours. But definitely don't leave them never know if you'll run into one of them down the road! You don't want to burn bridges...
  9. ^^I agree with this- relax! They're busy and so are you, and they obviously want you badly enough. I'd call and decline, and write them a note via snail mail or email thanking them for their time.
  10. I think you should call and decline them politely. You never know if you will ever need a job there in the future, and I believe you should treat them the way you'd like to be treated. It's also very unprofessional to just leave them hanging, and you don't want to start this way!
  11. Hello! Thanks for this response.

    I DO want this job. ( but also coincidently enough--the other job interview I had today --they said they were gonna call me back tomorrow..) And the main reason why I am feelin this way is b/c of the phone tag and how I was LATE to call back. I just listened to the vmail they left me and they said to please let them know if I am still interested and to give them a call back tomorrow.

    Whew. Your post made me feel much better.

    But then, if I call them back tomorrow will it be super awkward that I didn't respond back to them today? It's a small office--not a huge company.

    I am stuck in a rut now. I DO want to keep that job open, but then I also want to keep the other job that I had the interview today too. If I call job #1 and say I am interested, then what if job #2 hires me?!?! (Job #2 is much better too..)

    Then I'll have to go through the process of declining. I guess that should bee okay.

    So now, I am still in between decisions. This shouldn't even be that hard ! Either I call them and say No Thanks, or wait til tomorrow n say YES I AM STILL interested, but then what if I get hired by the other place ? :cursing::wtf::push::sweatdrop:
  12. don't let the not calling back immediately thing trip you up and decline a potential job you might be interested in.

    Call first thing tomorrow. it's ok. it's not like you called them 5 days later!!

    I know how you feel, i used to feel that way as well and some days i was so terrified of my voicemail because i knew there was a call or message i hadn't returned etc etc. i've had to work on that and i'm better at it now.

    and don't think about the awkwardness of declining the job right now. can't count your chickens before they hatch. interview with both, and if you get both offers, you'll have more options and then politely
    decline the other.

    call them tomorrow, continue interviewing with both places and let us know how it goes kay? good luck!!
  13. just call them back tomorrow and apologise for not getting back to them sooner..

    as someone mentioend it hasnt been a few days so you havent been rude.. also keep your options open, until they give you a formal offer you can still decline , better to have 2 doors open then shutting this one and depending on job #2
  14. If you want both jobs then DEFINITELY call the first one back...I think you said you were still had to go through a second interview, right? So that will buy some time anyway. Don't think you have to say "Yes!" right away if #1 makes you an offer. You have every right (and it's actually more advantageous for you) to say, "That's a great offer, and I would love to work for your company, but can I have a couple days to think about it before I jump in?" Any company will understand and allow you a couple of days before saying yes (or at least they'll give you a deadline if they need someone immediately). They may even bump up their offer if they are really desperate. :smile:
  15. You DID try to speak to them - and they took three hours to get back to YOU! They would not have expected you to stay glued to the phone and have nothing else to do, until they called back.

    Also, they will be interviewing other candidates too! It will not go against you for them to know you are interviewing for other positions. In fact, it goes in your favour for an employer to know you are in demand (worked for me on more than one occasion).

    Tomorrow is NOT too late at all. Keep both jobs open, until you know for certain the one you want. :tup: