NOT bringing Saleya for travel - changing my mind!

  1. OK all, I'm off to Laguna Beach tomorrow for a long weekend...all expenses paid with BF!! :yahoo:

    I normally bring my Saleya PM on plane trips but I'm going to bring the....Cabas Piano instead! Oh that and 3 other bags too but this is the traveling one.

    Has anyone had any luck with a blanket or towel to wrap it in when you have to put your bags under your seats for take off? Any horror stories?

    Socal here I come :wlae:
  2. I really wouldn't worry about it- I know a lot of people on the forum like to protect thier bags, but I have to admit to shoving some pricey bags in overhead bins and under the seat in front of me with no problems- nothing bad has ever happened to them.
  3. same here. no horror stories in regards to my bags. i just check to make sure there's no gum or rubbish on the floor under the seat in front.
  4. no bad stories... I just traveled the NC with my Mini Lin and had to put it under the seat. The plane was clean so it was ok!!

  5. I just set my bag down on top of my shoes, then tuck them back, sorta under my seat.
    My bags don't touch any floors!
  6. I would bring a small towel or scarf to put under the bag on the plane. Have fun on your trip!!
  7. I usually use one of those airplane blankets to wrap and cushion my bag to stow under the seat. I don't like it when people over the overhead bin to shove things around looking for their belongings.
  8. Have a great time.
  9. bring a dust bag
  10. ^^^
    great idea!

    cabas piano i wouldn't be worried about since the canvas bags can take their share of bangs...but the saleya handles are sort of delicate and i wouldn't want to shove it under a seat.
  11. Bring either a paper shopping bag or a plastic shopping bag (fold it up) to put your purse in it and then put it under the seat. You can then have easy access to your purse while it's in the shopping bag. I would also use the shopping bag when you have to send your purse through the security x-ray machine.