not bag related... but i need to rent a car!

  1. Anyone have any discounts suggestions? :smile:
  2. Do you have AAA? They usually have discounts for members. I've also seen discounts through credit card companies
  3. We travel kind of often and every time I call to book, they ask if I have any corporate memberships or even a Costco membership. Apparently there is some kind of related discount with those memberships. The Entertainment Book also has quite a few discount coupons/codes and the interent always has specials...Hope you find a good deal! :smile:
  4. Enterprise has the best deals IMO. I know my boss rents cars from them all the time and said that they have the best rates.
  5. Priceline will probably get you the best deal. It's pretty risk-free. You choose the pick up spot and what type of car, and bid. I've gotten GREAT deals from Priceline.
  6. If you go to, they have a bunch of special offers.
  7. thanks guys! I found out my friend has an entertainment book with some coupons in it for enterprise who already had a good price compared to others! :smile: