Not bad Mike.

  1. Hey, this Santorini tote from Michael Kors is kinda would go well for the spring or summer time!
    Santorini Tote.jpeg
  2. That is cute! Is it a big bag?
  3. LOL @ the title!!!
  4. the bag is at NM, and the dimensions are reading 9.5H, 15H, and 4D at $795! Medium to large bag?

  5. :biggrin::amuse::amuse:

  6. Great size....
  7. I like it! And I like that it's called Santorini, makes me remember my vacation there :love:
  8. It's lovely BF has a house over there and we go there every summer :love: :love: :love:
  9. sure wouldn't mind a vacation there myself....:amuse:

  10. Is this bag in neiman or Saks?
  11. I got this pic. from the NM website, though they might have it at Saks too?

  12. soy bean i love every single bag you post!
  13. hehe, we should go shop together;)

  14. Great bag! SoyBean you are a dangerous woman! :smile:
  15. I suppose I'm in the right forum then:lol:

    this forum is dangerous!:amuse::biggrin: