Not bad but not great either...?

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  1. I'm trying to figure what kind of feedback to leave for a seller who clearly isn't doing a stellar job but isn't downright horrible either.

    * Paid right away for an auction that ended on Monday. Listing said ships in 3 days. On day 4, I hadn't heard anything or received a tracking number so I wrote to inquire. Email response: Oh, I shipped it today but the mailroom is closed so I won't be able to give you a tracking number until Monday (this was a Friday). Seller wrote again later, was able to get tracking number.

    Seller missed target by one day and didn't initiate communication. Good follow-up though. Not horrible but not great.

    * Received bag which had been rolled up inside a shipping envelope in order to fit into a much used box that was too small. Bag wasn't damaged but I'm still working on getting the flap to lay flat instead of curling up.

    Not horrible but not good either.

    * Bag looks and smells pretty good...two tiny scuffs that weren't mentioned. Maybe they weren't big deal, it is a used bag. While checking out the bag, bobby pins and a used bandaid fall out of one of the pockets.

    Nice bag overall so that's good but could have done without the "eww!" experience.

    Seller was prompt to email asking for feedback and I'm not sure what to with my comments and see what kind of response I get? (An apology would be good, excuses not so good.)

    Positive feedback with reservations?

    Neutral with comments?
  2. If you are happy enough with the bag to keep it.......then either leave positive or leave nothing. You are not required to leave any feedback.

    If you are not happy enough to keep it, then email the seller and ask to send it back. I don't think I would leave any f/b unless you are really unhapppy.
  3. The used band-aid is a bit gross. I'm not sure if that warrants neutral feedback though, but I wouldn't really want to leave positive either. Perhaps you can just message her back with what you've said here and see what she says.
  4. Hmm..this sounds exactly like a seller whom I have purchased from a couple times. On each occasion, he folded the bag into an envelope and shipped that way. I kept purchasing because he had such great deals. Who is the seller?

    If you are genuinely happy with your purchase, leave a positive, but maybe you can let future buyers know of your experience by saying something like: "Happy with purchase but seller shipped late and folded expensive bag into envelope."
  5. I don't leave neg or neutral unless the transaction was horrible (I sell so I guess I'm more forgiving). But you also don't have to leave positive, either. If you want to contact the seller about the part you're not 100% happy with, go ahead, but it may not get you the response you want. Maybe email the seller about how you feel and leave NO feedback?
  6. The quoted saying above isn't bad, but I was under the impression that neutrals no longer count as neg's or half of a neg so if you truely weren't blown away, there is no reason not to leave a neutral... as it's possible seller could give the same experience to another buyer and they would skip over your feedback because it was "green" and not "grey or red" marked.
  7. I would wait to see what feedback this seller has left for you.. I would then

    e-mail them and say how disappoiunted you are in their communication and that

    communication always help in making a transaction that much better..

    Depending upon their response, I would leave what you feel is appropriate

    and that way you can be a little fairer by having that additional time
  8. I like this response. And I would give SOME response either by email or by feedback, just to state the obvious, as it does, IMO, need to be addressed.

    And unless you are a CSI, the used band-aid is a BIG EWWWW, IMO!

    If you still have the seller's address, put the band-aid and the bobby pins in an envelope (no return address) and mail them back to him/her w/ a note...

    "Thanks for the Bag! You left somethings in the pockets, so thought I'd send these personal items back to you. But, kept the $20. Thanks again!" :biggrin:
  9. A used bandaid? Thats gross!

    I'm going to say neutral with comments on this one, but maybe politely point the seller to the ebay forum here so that she can pick up some tips on good communication and product presentation!

  10. I second this!
  11. Double thumbs up to this!
  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow, I really did laugh out loud at this one. No mistake.
  13. :lol: Too funny!

    ITA...something should be said.
  14. I'd leave a neutral. You have some valid complaints about how the seller handled their part of the sale. They didn't clean out the purse - how hard is it to upend the bag and dump out the debris? It was wadded it into a box which has caused a problem with the bag, they were lax with communication. Why would this merit a positive FB?
  15. Thanks all! I'm going to email the seller with the info as to why I'll be leaving neutral feedback. It does make it easier now than neutral isn't a ding but info for other potential buyers is easily identified.

    P.S. Luckily, it was a small bandaid. And this is the second bag this year I've received with bobby pins in it. :nuts: