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  1. #1 Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    This is the very first time that I have had to open a SNAD case and I'm so mad. I had bought a dress off of ebay and received the dress last Friday. I found two blood stains on the back of the dress , so I emailed the seller first. She told me I could return it. So I paid to ship it back to her by USPS Priority mail and it was delivered three days ago. She has not responded to my emails asking when she will refund me, so I opened a SNAD this morning. She just sent me a rude and threatening email. She called me a moron and told me that she has not received the dress, which I know is a lie. The USPS tracking number shows it has been delivered and now she told me she is going to make me wait and not respond for 7 days. I will be leaving her feedback when ebay takes my money back from her. I never wanted to open a SNAD, but I had a feeling I should have last week when I had emailed her with the Prioirty Mail tracking label. I had told her I hope she refunds my original shipping fees, but she never responded. BTW she charged me $20.00 to ship a silk dress from the same state I live in. I have been on hold with ebay for an hour now. I cannot believe how long it takes to get through ebay. Does anyone know if ebay freezes the sellers funds when you open a SNAD?
  2. Sometimes they hold the funds. No need to worry. Ebay purchases are covered by buyer protection for SNADs. You have proof that the seller agreed to a refund. You have tracking showing it was returned.

    Tracking is sometimes late and sometimes premature so maybe she doesn't actually have it yet. No excuse for calling you a moron though.
  3. Thank you for your response and letting me know I will be refunded. That is all I care about. I never wanted to open this SNAD, but this seller has been ignoring my emails and not letting me know when I will be refunded. I just emailed her back and told her that I could care less that she will make me wait the full 7 days to get my money back. She is doing this to make me mad. All I care is that I get my money back. I also think it's best if I just don't respond to anymore of her emails.
  4. Yes, just let Paypal handle it from here on and don't engage any further with her. You'll get your money back and she'll get the negative!
  5. Did you send it it her Paypal Addresss or her Ebay Address? Or to the address on the label?
  6. I shipped it back to her ebay address and the same address that was on the package she sent it in. I also contacted ebay customer service to confirm this was her address, before I sent it back last Friday. And they did confirm her address. I was able to get through to ebay customer support after waiting on hold for 35 minutes and they told me I have to wait 7 days unless she responds to the case sooner. I know she won't, but at least I will get my money back.
  7. If you call ebay and it shows delivered then they will refund your money. You put the DC in the complaint, right? Go ahead and call them.
  8. ^^This...I've had times where as soon as I call and they see the DC as delivered they refund my money. It's worth a try so you don't have to wait the 7 days.
  9. I did call ebay customer service this morning, after I had opened the dispute. I had emailed the seller the DC tracking in ebay messages and I also gave it to the customer service rep this morning. He did track it and confirmed it was delivered, but he told me I have to wait until the seller responds. She's going to be a jerk and told me she will make me wait. She obviously knows that she doesn't have to respond for 7 days. It sounds like I have to wait until the seller responds to be refunded.
  10. Wow what a crock! Thats awful. I dont understand why people have to be so rude and unprofessional about things.
  11. Boy was I glad to bump into this thread. I have also received my bag today and was at the verge of opening a SNAD dispute via paypal/ebay. I have a hard time speaking with the paypal CS...the CS encouraged me to open a dispute straightaway but I gathered that I should email the seller first to let her know about the situation before I go ahead with a SNAD. :sad:
  12. she's the only moron in this situation