Not another tivoli thread!

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  1. the more i look at the tivoli, the more i'm drooling over it. i think the PM is the perfect size, but can anyone confirm if the PM has the t-strap thingy on the front of the bag? cos according to some pictures, the PM doesn't have the t-strap in front, while the GM does, but in some of the threads, the PM is shown with the t-straps in front (ie in the lv lookbook).
  2. Gm def. does PM doesn't.

    They changed it after the look book pictures.
  3. thanks! i really like the PM without the T straps it's all good (:
  4. The 866 SA confirmed the above. PM no and GM yes.
    I agree, I like it a lot better without the T handles
  5. I also like the PM without the T-straps :tup:
  6. Yeah, I like it a lot better without the T handles too.
  7. my SA told me the GM looks better in person and that the pm is quite small...
  8. ^^^ OH?!! I think GM would like Cool!
  9. The Tivoli PM is adorable! I so would have got it if not for the fact that it's hard to wear on the shoulder because of the short drop length and rolled handles...I was thinking of getting it for my mom, but I bet the vachetta handles would bother her as she doesn't like to have to be wary of that.
    Sadly there's no MM, the GM is huge, great for folks who like big bags :smile:

    Edit: Oh yes to confirm there's no T-strap on the PM :smile:
  10. i thinkt he PM will be about speedy 25 size which is a little bit small. i want the GM now as well.
  11. The GM would be way too big for me. I read somewhere it's around the size of a Mezzo?? If so that would be travel size for me. If the PM is like a Speedy 25, that's perfect!
  12. I still can't wait to see it!!!!
  13. The Pm size will be a good alternative to a speedy, and that's for me.