Not another one!

  1. I think I really need to stop going to :evil:. I just fell in love with the most beautiful Versace bag I've ever seen :love:. I was never a Versace fan, but this bag just took my breath away.


    Versace Metallic Monogram Bag, $1482 :love:

    What do y'all think? I absolutely love it, but I wouldn't know when and where to carry it. The color scheme would qualify it as an evening bag, but its size makes it more of a day bag. Or should it be like a 'special occasion' day bag?

    Is it more worth it than this:


    Fendi Embroidered Denim Spy, $3090 (:amazed:!!!)

    I love both, but I think I should only get one. I'll be going to Manhattan in 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll get to see both bags in real life, and decide.

    What do we think?
  2. I'd get the Versace without a doubt! Gorgeous bag!
  3. I'd get the spy. :amuse:
    I think the fussy styling of the Versace would get old quick, whereas, i, personally would wear a denim bag for several years, at least.
    Then again, i AM Spy biased! haha
  4. I'm a Spy lover, but not so much with the denim squirrel. The striped denim is nice though. As far as the Versace, I really like it, but think that the over-the-top styling would seem out of place with casual clothes (unless you're Kimora!) btw, Kimora has that bag. I found the pic in a previous forum.
  5. Sorry. Not a fan of either.
  6. I prefer the Versace over the Fendi, but not by much. Neither bags register high on my Richter scale.
  7. The Versace is very eye catching IRL.
  8. Totally different bags for different purposes...the spy is more casual and the versace is definitely a structured "fancier" purse. I guess it depends what kind of person you are and what would fit better in your wardrobe. Good luck!
  9. i vote versace!