not an YSL bag but my patent Tribute slingbacks!!

  1. Hi girls, my first time posting in the YSL forum. I love YSL esp their mombasas, have yet to own one though..

    Here are my 75mm Tribute sling backs :heart: These aren't the 'whorish' kind, it's a healthy 4-1/2" heel! Which is great for me because I don't have height (only 5' tall :crybaby:)! :yahoo:



    I included a modeling pic to show that it's not superskanky tall like the tribute maryjanes.
  2. Theyre hott! Congrats.
  3. OMG those are HOT!!!
  4. thanks... :blush: they are so comfy! it's hard to believe but they are!
  5. Those are HOT! and you bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    I have the hardest time with comfort and good looking shoes. How many hours in a day have you worn them? I really need a pair of comfortable good looking shoes:graucho:
  6. Love them. Gorgeous!
  7. These slingbacks are HOT! I love your Reissue.
  8. to be honest, i havent worn them outside of the house yet.. i will though! but i can see myself wearing these at the office ... i slip my shoes on and off throughout the day.. but i wouldn't recommend these as shopping shoes.
  9. Bag And Shoesss Gorgeoussssssss!!
  10. OMG!!!! They are HOT HOT HOT!!!
  11. Those are fab.Congrats!