Not An "Everyday" Bag...

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  1. So there was some talk:sneaky:about delicate skins. I did a search *Note: If there is a similiar thread. Apologies in advance.:shame* And found nothing so here is a thread about delicate skins. So I can start by saying that I know for sure Metallic, and Troika skins are not "everyday" bags. I can not wait:yahoo:to hear about other skins and information on them. *Second Note: I hope that I placed this thread in the right place!!:blush:*
  2. Great thread!!!!
    I will start with the Troika....I love troika......I have 4 troika bags........but I never use troika as a grab and go bag. Troika was introduced a few years ago and I have seen a few that have come on the resale market that have balding in the corners. IMO they are stunning but 'handle with care'. Troika are made with cow fur and evercalf (forget if they say barenia, it's evercalf) and tho' evercalf is prone to scratches it will patina. However it's the fur that will show wear if not handled with care and I don't see how balding can be fixed.
  3. EncoreHermes You have 4!!:faint:Ok, ok. Please, please, pretty please with a birkin on top, tell me what colors you have? BTW I have a Troika Bolide in black...I love that bag. But I agree not all that practical. *Kind of like a pool boy without a pool. Great to look at, but not really necessary!:P*
  4. Thank you! I have a blond/ebene HAC, noir/Noir Kelly, chocolat/ebene plume, and a blonde/ebene Plume.

    The hac is my favorite in the blond/ebene combo because of the shape of the bag but any chocolat/ebene is TDF IMO.

    LOL pool boy without a pool.....don't get me thinking :nuts:

  5. ^ that's a beaut!
  6. That is one beautiful bag EncoreHermes!!:girlsigh:I bet that kelly is fantastic too!! And no more talk of pool boys:P...well until my 80th birthday:graucho::PBTW here is my Bolide:

    Attached Files:

  7. beautiful bolide and boots!
  8. Love your bolide!! Looks like mink!!! And the troika fur is so soft to touch.

    Thank you so much loves and julide!!!

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    :ty:Loves & EncoreHermes!!!:flowers:BTW I see in your sig your looking for Trims!!!:nuts:I love Trims! But I prefer the Trim I. What leather are you looking for in the Black Trim? ETenebris Has a beautiful Trim II in evergrain...just a thought!!:amuse:*Note: This Trim is not for sale!!*
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    Julide, Encore Hermes ~ ai yai ayi .. this is heart stopping beauty^
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    :ty:FashionistaO:flowers:Good to "see" you!!!:heart:

    Also from what I remember the Jaipur limitd edition purses are not everyday bags. I think the collection was a Kelly, Kelly Cut, Paris Bombay and...:shrugs:now I can't remember the last one!!:wonderingSorry:shame:
  12. :smooch: Julide .. still looking for the pool boy :P !?!
  13. i'm looking for any trimII (with gusset) hehe :smile:

    no money for renting poolboy lol wait no pool anyway...
  14. OMG! You really opened this informative thread that quick, Julide! :woohoo:
    It's such a valuable info; I had just never imagined of balding Troika...

    Thanks, Julide and Encore Hermes,
    for sharing your experience and breath-taking pics. :love::faint::tender:

    Oooooooooh... sigh...
    They are gorgeous... I can almost feel the fur...

    And they match perfectly with the scarf, and the riding boots!

    You both are great style leaders!!

    s1rxqe.jpg GetAttachment.aspx.jpeg
  15. yowzers - stunning troika!!!

    I just saw a kelly on fashionphile - definite balding at all corners which is so sad cos otherwise that bag definitely makes me gasp,.....