Not all reveals and action posts are what they seem?

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  1. I basically believe every poster doing reveals or posting on action threads actually owns their bags posted. Sometimes I get amazed at how so many people can afford all the top-tier designer bags, but another TPFer expressed doubts about this. Is it true that some posters post bags they do not really own as if the bags belong to them? Has anyone witnessed anything like this? I am just curious.
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  2. TPF is a microcosm, LoverField. I don't know how many ladies in the world can afford high end bags, not that many, I think. Then you have women with high paid jobs who can buy ten Chanel or Hermès bags in a year.
    Are they all TPF members, I don't think so but, if some are , their reveals and action pics are probably genuine.
    We have heard of some women buying a bag, doing a reveal here and sending itback to the store.
    Or of others doing a reveal of a bag they don't own.
    Anything is possible.
    Maybe it's the reason why we should be cautious .
    I can't help feeling ill at ease when on some subforums the ladies , answering someone asking for advice , reply with expressions like " buy it" " go and get it! " " the bag is hard to get, grab it!" when the member has doubts about the colour or the leather.....
    In French we say " the advisers are not the payers"
    Especially if the enablers are not even owners of a single high end bag....
  3. Such wise words!:tup:
  4. It's certainly possible, this is the internet after all, I know it has been hashed out extensively on why people would do such things but in the end you have to recognize the forum is purely for entertainment and basic knowledge, to do more sayings, always take what is said with a pinch of salt lol..

    In other words, use the info you need, enjoy but don't take it all that seriously, in the end it's your money and your choices alone.
  5. I don't know the answer to that and I personally don't know anyone who's done that. It's quite possible, of course. Maybe I'm naive but whenever I see reveals and action shots, I'm just happy for the person posting and never question the validity of their ownership. Also, someone who has lots of disposable income can very well afford several expensive bags a year and to me that's not really all that unusual nor surprising.

    I saw one thread in the past where a member posted an action shot of a bag and then returned it shortly thereafter. The person DID admit to returning the bag though so technically they owned it for a short time so... I don't know if that counts.

    Speaking just for myself, I'm loathe to accuse anyone of not actually owning their stuff unless I have solid proof of this, which I don't.
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  6. Well, it IS possible to buy 1 bag.
    Then return/exhange that sucker into 28 or so tpf reveals.
    Or get final refund, keeping none.

    Also, sales clerks post photos of their store stock. And some members post in-store mod shots, of bags not owned.

    All in all, life is much tougher than tpf reveals make it seem.
    Behind some is deception.
    Behind many more is sacrifice & hard work.
    And a passion for bags.

    Whatever else, we all share the passion.
    That's what matters, imo.
    Because life IS hard. And we escape some, here. In pretties & dreams.
  7. I love this quote

    So true.
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  8. That sounds like a lot of work just for reveals. I guess it is more about the love of beautiful bags than any intention to be untruthful.
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  9. Some people like the attention reveals get. Same on Instagram.
  10. Anything is possible, I suppose. I have heard of some people revealing bags and returning them but haven’t seen any of that myself.

    I am mostly on the Hermes subforum of TPF and the regular members frequently post action shots featuring the same bags and even attend meet ups so I assume all of the bags are indeed owned by the person. I’m not sure how it is on other subforums.
  11. I assume reveals are genuine. Some people enjoy the shopping process and change over their collection often, some just have a lot of disposable income! I'm happy to see the pictures :smile:
    Have to add though, it is always a pleasure to see pictures of well loved bags, that have been in a collection for a while.
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  12. One man's expensive is another's pocket change. So I don't think we can judge validity of reveals by price or quantity of bags. But, I think it's safe to assume some small portion of reveals aren't "real" if we define real as limited to ones done by the person who owns/purchased the bag and has the intention of keeping the bag for their use.

    But "fake" reveals could come for any number or good or bag reasons from the psychosis of needing fake praise to doing the work of practicing to be a fashion blogger to helping a internet shy friend show off their beautiful bag collection. The only time I would have a problem with fake postings is if a person is stealing bags or returning bags they bought never intending to keep them. The first activity is illegal and the second activity should be as it puts additional cost into the system (SA effort, some bags are marked out upon return, loss sale to a real customer, etc.)

    This is social media so a measure of fake is the yuck we accept. With no evidence to the contrary, I just assume all is good and enjoy looking at the pretty bags.
  13. I think a lot of people are just indecisive. They buy the bag, do a reveal, and end up returning the bag because it didn't work for them. I see a lot of TPF members stating that they didn't keep their purchases. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. People just change their mind. Granted, a few people here may do it too often and I feel bad for their SA but to each their own.

    Regardless of what they do with their bag after the reveal, Ill just be here enjoying the eye candy. [emoji7]
  14. Wow, the idea of doing fake reveals seems exhausting but in this "like" driven world everything is possible.
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  15. Everyone has their own life situation. Some people have disposable income and some don't. Motivations for a reveal can be as simple as excitement or other reasons. Whatever the case maybe, this community has a certain level of appreciation for handbags. For those that post bags that maybe don't belong to them - seems like a waste of time to me. I would like to think that that the reveals are legit and I just enjoy them :smile:
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