not again! :(

  1. i'm beginning to think argent and i are not meant to be!

    so a few weeks ago i was snooping around eBay for paddys when i saw the nicest argent paddy! i got it authenticated here and it turned out to be berlyn's! however since i was moving at that time, it slipped my mind for a little bit, and when i finally got time to come online again it had just been sold :sad:

    yesterday i found another lovely baby argent paddy on eBay and sent the seller a question about shipping price to the US... when i got home from work she'd sent me a response about how much it was, but had also ended the listing early to sell to the first person who bid!

    thanks for listening to me rant... i'm so sad i missed it twice! :sad:
  2. I always think about things like this as not meant to be, otherwise you could drive yourself crazy!

    the perfect one for you is out there, its just proving a little elusive right now ;)
  3. BRILLIANT Advice ^^^^

    So true!:true:
  4. don't be sad .. like what chole-babe said, not meant to be cosssssss there's a better one waiting for u ... and thats true, Invenio ! :smile: ... happens many times to me :rolleyes:
  5. Like my mom tells me - one bus leaves the stop and another comes right along!
  6. don't worry girl, i feel your pain. I've been dying for an argent paddy and didn't end up w/ one.. i ended up getting something better. :smile:
  7. Ivenio I saw the exact argent mini paddy you are talking about- I was thinking, I'll be on holiday next week, so Thursday when the auction ends I could bid from Barcelona. I never thought someone would bid the very low starting price and get it!!! Gutted, it was gorgeous. I feel your pain:crybaby:
  8. D & G what did you end up getting? i just saw pix of your chloe collection, it's beautiful!

    rubylola i know! the same thing happened to the first paddy i was watching... but i suppose if we keep looking, hopefully something nice will come!

    thanks chloe-babe, chicbags, cesca, starbuxxx, i'll keep searching and will be sure to post pics when i finally find it !

  9. I agree even if it's tough I lost a mousse med satchel in pristine condition and it sold for approx. $600 (eBay germany the seller hadn't put a reserve)....I was so upset but other things came along...:graucho:
  10. I'm sorry invenio! :crybaby:

    I did mention in the auction that I was keen to sell it as fast as possible to fund another bag... and the winner was a lovely new pfer too!

    I'm sure your new bag is just around the corner :smile:
  11. oh! i didn't realize it was your bag bellacherie! didn't you just buy it recently? i only wanted a mini after seeing your thread, before i was all set on getting a medium! what other bag do you have your eye on? :smile:

    yes, i'm on the hunt, will post pix when i get one!
  12. ^^^ I saw that one too. It was wierd the way bidding went from 99p to 500 pounds in about 5 mins. I think it was relisted for some reason too... strange...