Not accepting marketplace application at the moment?

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  1. I only just saw that TPF is not accepting anymore marketplace applications at this time, is there a time period which has been set? That is how long will this please be on for? I was just wondering...

    Thank you.
  2. oh, that is a pity. I have been waiting but I guess there are a lot of people ...... any chance that at some point you will accept applications again?
  3. We will accept applications again, but for right now we are not. Thanks all!

    We will let you know when we begin accepting apps again :yes:
  4. Thank you for letting us know.:smile:
  5. Oh, that it a shame as I was going to apply with my 1000 post.
  6. Hi Megs,

    Have you received any of the PMs or emails I've sent you? Please let me know. I've haven't received a response or even an acknowledgment. Thanks!

    Best regards,

    P.S. Sorry, this isn't about the MP. I just thought I'd try contacting you via a thread because the other methods don't seem to be working!
  7. I don't have any PMs from you, please resend whatever you wanted me to get. :shrugs:
  8. That is sooo weird! I sent you two PMs back in March/April and then decided to try emailing you at megs at purseblog dot com when I didn't hear anything. And today decided to try contacting you via a thread because I really felt ignored! I've just now resent you both of the PMs and I also forwarded the email I originally sent you at that email address. Is that the right email address?

    Did you really not receive any of them? :sad:
  9. Got them all now... NOO idea what went wrong. But the email service could have been down, that happens from time to time :shrugs: Sorry! I will respond :yes:
  10. I applied on the 2nd but haven't heard anything. Should I just assume I didn't get in? :crybaby:

    *kicks self* Why didn't I put my ebay name in the PM *kicks self again*
  11. We have not been accepting for a while. We will let you all know when we do again
  12. It didn't have that written when I applied. It was 3 weeks ago.

    Ah well :sad:
  13. Ditto. I applied on 5/1. :sad: I have been holding on to a couple of things in hopes of posting them on MP...guess they're going to ebay instead. :crybaby:
  14. i have a thing or 2 i'd like to sell in the MP eventually. my 5 months would be like the end of july. is there even a ballpark time as to when apps will be accepted again?

  15. I applied on May 10, and I've been wondering what's been going on. Wish I had known that applications weren't being accepted.
Thread Status:
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