Not about how much but HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT!

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  1. I buy a bag that I love, I can't afford to buy LV's ( or any other designer bag) simply because it is the in thing of the moment.
    So long as it's real and I like it then that's all I worry about.:biggrin:
  2. I'm thinking about the same thing "Coach class" comment! I agree totally agree with OP.
  3. I totally agree and sorry but a lot of it comes from younger buyers who are not paying: mortgage, carnote, car insurance,cable/internet,home phone,cell phone,house insurance, house taxes, gas electric,water,lawncare/wintercare,house repairs,and if you are like most credit card bills.

    To many upwardly mobile people 200 is a lot to spend on 1 handbag.
  4. I've noticed quite a few threads out there that refer to the Speedy and NF as "starter" bags or "beginner" bags - reminds me of a starter home- something basic and ugly until you can afford a nicer house:cursing:
    Just because a bag costs $1500 or $2000 doesn't make it more beautiful than an $800 bag. The Speedy is a classic and is probably the most popular LV bag out there!! Trends may come and go but the Speedy is forever....:cloud9:

  5. ITA

    FWIW, one SA told me that the Speedy & NF are considered 2 of LV's starter bags. I don't think she meant they are any less in quality than the more expensive ones. Just that most people "start" their collection with these bags.
  6. i only buy a bag not more than $1100 simply because they're the ones i can afford right now and/or the ones i don't feel too guilty of purchasing. as long as i am happy with what i have and i make use of them as often as i can, i feel i can justify my expense. however, if at one time, i feel i can afford to buy my dream multicolored LV, i would. to each his own.
  7. I agree and I own a whole range of bags so it is not about the price of the bag but more based upon my mood and what compliments my wardrobe for the day!

    PS: I always think it is crazy to pay for first class-if the plane goes down-we all go down-LOL!
  8. i needed one for school and a birkin just doesn't make sense.
  9. i totally agree. how much i like a lv bag is completely based on style.

    :shocked: Could you PM me the links?? I'd love to read those threads... just out of curiosity... :P
  11. Thanks for contributing to the thread, I think all your opinions have been quite refreshing.