Not about how much but HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT!

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  1. I agree with you too! I have a few LV handbags, but of all my bags, the 'cheapest' LV bag (the Mono Speedy 30) is my favourite. It holds my stuff so well, look so smart, and I am going to look forward to watching the vachetta patina over time.

    Also, I have a couple of LV wallets in different sizes and my favourite one is the Mono Zippy Coin Purse because it is compact and I love the LV mono print. I have the Vernis ones too and the larger Sarah wallets, but I always go back to the mono ZCP because it is light, compact, pretty, and easy to use.

    Therefore, the mono ZCP with mono Speedy 30 is the best combination. :tup:
  2. hmmmmm.. i think it boils down to priority i personally looooove designer gr8 quality handbags some people prefer top electronics or sports cars and could care less if their bag costs 10.00. no one should be belittled on tpf for any reason what so ever because we all share a mutual love for expensive handbags...just because one might be able to spend 400.00 and another can spend 4,000 the love should be equally shared for one another! o.k. that's my kumbaya moment.i'm off my soap box
  3. The one that got me was the nasty comment that if you fly in coach class you need to carry a coach bag! I agree with this thread wholeheartedly! One of my very favorite bags is my speedy!!!

  4. Yeah, I agree with you. I know a lot of people mention the Speedy and the NF as beginner LV bags, but I dont think they that they're dissing it or meaning that it's a lesser LV. I think that they just mean since Speedy and NF are both classics and not as pricey as other LVs, they tend to be the bags that newbies start their collections with. But, I've never seen anyone say it in a mean way. :shrugs:

    But, yes, I agree it doesnt matter that my LV isnt the most expensive ones ever made as long as I like it. And, hey, the two cheapest LVs (price wise) are the two most popular ones!
  5. I agree with everything I read on this thread; and thanks to the OP for putting it out there.
  6. I agree that we should love the bag for its design, quality, etc and not merely for its price. I also have to admit that I am not a fan of the NF and it has nothing to do with its price. I don't like its thin straps and wide open design. I would not like it even if it cost $5000. But that's just my opinion. I am not bashing the people who do own the NF.
  7. I would totally agree as well. Sometime I like the LE bags and sometimes I don't, it's not a decison based on how much they cost, just if I really think I will carry them or not. Currently I'm trying to invest in some of the classics, like the Palermo, Trevi and Totally etc. because I love them, not because of what they cost. Like another poster said, I'm personally not a big fan of the NF, probably won't ever purchase one, but it has nothing to do with the price, just what will work for me.
  8. It's favorite bag is the speedy.:smile:
  9. Totally agree. I buy a bag simply because I LOVE it. As long as the bag I want is not over my budget, I will get it. In fact, I am always thrilled to get a "love" bag with a good price.
  10. I totally agree with you. To me personally, what matters the most is how the bag suits my lifestyle needs along with my frame. My priorities are my health (hence gym), family, friends, work and school. At the end of the day, I simply look back and realize how fortunate I am to have great family and friends who support me; my LV collection is simply something extra that I am blessed with.
  11. Yes, agreed, I've noticed that as well, the Speedys and the NFs being referred to as "the beginner/lower end of the scale" bag....hmmm:wtf:
  12. This is a refreshing post. I have seen people fighting lately and it is terrible. We shouldn't do that to each other. My motto is buy what YOU love. Unfortunantly I love bags that seem to be pricier, but I rarely get them because I also love bags that don't cost as much. For example my goal bag is the Galliera, but I am totally happy with the speedy I do have. I wouldn't want to be judged either way.
  13. I think it's down to personal preference. It's ok if some of us prefer more expensive lines because they are more exclusive i.e. less common, so long as they do not belittle or put down others for choosing the more affordable styles. I know quite a few friends who would not buy certain styles which are too common as they don't like running into others with the same bag everywhere. No problem with that.
  14. ita
  15. This is just plain stupid.

    Angelina Jolie wears her NV a lot.

    Jessica Simpson, her Speedy.

    Does that make them amateur bag shopper ? Do you think they care about the price ? Its just happen those bags are classic, functionnal and roomy. The fact that they are not the most expensive bags is just a big +. Thats it !