Not able to post or PM on mobile app?

  1. Is something going on with the PF app? When I use my iPhone and iPad, I'm not able to post anything or send PMs. The "send" button isn't as bright as the other buttons and does nothing when I press it.
  2. I just installed the app on my DHs iPhone and its doing the same thing. So it's gotta be the app and not my phone and iPad
  3. Really weird. If I insert an attachment or quote, the send button works but if I just hit reply, start new thread or PM it won't work. In order to send this I have to attach a picture.
  4. Update: I think I figured it out. I have to hit "return" or type at least 2 lines before the send button lights up. This has never happened before but I'm glad I found out how to fix it since I was going crazy without the app!
  5. Weird right? I noticed this also! After Im done typing a post I have to hit return in order to press SEND. :sad:
  6. It's very strange. Glad I figured it out tho cuz I was going crazy trying to use the website on my phone.