Not a shooting star, not a celtic cross

  1. That is weird. Never seen that before.

    Anyone know?
  2. Hmm, interesting. You have me stumped, CB. :smile:
  3. No idea...but now I'm curious too.
  4. This is the first time seeing Claude?
  5. Whatever it is, it's lovely and looks very special!
  6. ^^ I wondered too when I received my Rose Shocking birkin. It too has a 4 point star that I'd never seen before. I was told some craftsmen now have these 'pictorial' stamps.
  7. I have uploaded this picture so it will stay in our archive after the auction closes. I am very curious about this now, I have seen the celtic crosss, but this is really something different.

    I hope we can find out!

    MrsS, it was not the celtic cross on your RS? Can you post a pic for us?
  8. CobaltBlu, sorry I just went to check on the stamp and it's not a cross! (what was I imagining! sorry, should have checked before posting) It's quite something else. See pic attached.
    blind stamp.jpg
  9. wow, it sure is!!! Looks like a triangle with a dot?
    thanks!! Curious about this, too!
  10. wow! I am interested in this new "trend" :flowers:
  11. It could be some new stamps that Hermes is coming up with.

    MrsS, have you asked the store?
  12. where is hermesgroupie:sos:
    im sure she can find answers for us:yes::tup:
  13. I have my ideas, but I don't want to speculate and don't want to open this up for counterfeiters.
  14. my immediate thought is...shucks, never mind.