Not a Rodeo fan & not an Evelyne fan, but these 2 together are pretty cute!

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  1. Got a Rodeo PM a while ago and never used it. Never been an Evelyne fan, but was tempted by the TPM when I saw it on the website last week. Together... I’m totally smitten! IMG_7557.jpg
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  2. It's so cute!!! :nuts:
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  3. Love the combo-enjoy!
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  4. I love the colors on that Rodeo! So cute.
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  5. I wasn’t an Evelyne fan, at, I love mine! Yours is super cute w the rodeo!
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  6. :heart: The tpm and your etoupe is a beauty! Congrats
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  7. Thank you, all! I think they’re adorable together!
  8. I found this Rodeo to be pretty versatile. Though I’m still not a fan of them on Bs & Ks, here’re a few modeling shots.

    IMG_7565.jpg IMG_7564.jpg IMG_7563.jpg
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  9. I have the same rodeo and noticed it’s more carefree than the other ones!
    The etoupe evelyn is gorgeous! I almost got the same bag too as I heard that this is a hard combo to get but waiting for a brighter color. Very Gorgeous combo!
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  10. It’s a great combo but GH would have made it PERFECT for me. ;)
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  12. Yes! Vert anis in chevre with bleu de prusse (sp?) interior and brushed gold hardware