Not a recent style, can you guess? (reveal)

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  1. I wasn't going to do a reveal thread for this one, but I thought it would be fun for some of us to test our knowledge on some of the older styles. =D So without futher ado!! Here is a sneak peak! Any vets want to hazard any guesses? ROFL You guys are so good, you'll probably get it on the first try!!

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  2. Oooh, I love me some oldies!
    Show us more :popcorn:
  3. Peek-a-boo!!

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  4. lets see!!!
  5. Hmmm, 120mm heel with hidden platform, what could it be??
  6. #6 Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
    Bigger clues!! Let ones before reveal!!

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  7. Must be a bootie! :cool:
  8. C'est moi?
  9. :yahoo: YES!!!

    Winter has been dragging it' butt across this great northern country of mine. I couldn't go any longer without some sort of bootie. Scooped up these Ces't Moi off ebay the other day!!

    Half sized up (I am typically a 36, but got these in a 36.5), perfect fit. Pitch is not bad, but last three toes can be a little squished when wearing sock/panty hose (foot slides forward). No issue when in bare feet.

    Ces't Moi/Cest Moi Bootie 120mm in black nappa leather

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  10. Love them!! Congrats!
  11. Some mod pics. Was so excited to wear them out last night. :lol:

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  12. Yay, they look great on you!
    Oldie but goodie for sure :biggrin:

    For the sliding issues try Wolfords 'Stop slipping'!
  13. Thank you guys. XD Thanks for playing lol :graucho:
  14. Congrats!! :smile: They look great!

    And I wish the cold would end, even though I'm sure it's worst up there than here, but regardless :P
  15. Love these! Congrats on finding them in great condition!!