Not a purse but still JC ...

Bichon Lover

Jul 1, 2008
California SF Bayarea

They're beautiful, :faint: Definately worth the price!!:yes: JC shoes are very comfy and I have a pair of patent boots from 3 yrs ago that I wear alot and their patent wears like iron.....Doesn't even scuff on the insides of the heels or anything :tup::tup::tup:
Sep 2, 2007
OK. That's it, I'm getting them. I've been :drool: over them for a few weeks now. I couldn't make up my mind but I think you guys helped me. I think it's such a great color and they have it in the kitten heel and midheel. I think I'm stepping it up a notch in these and hunting for the midheel (fyi I'm always a flats gal). Thanks for your help ladies. I'll keep you posted when I receive them.