Not a purse but I can SEE ..Chanel eyeglasses

  1. birthday present to myself ....I wanted to buy SOMETHING CHANEL...Went to Saks to look at handbags and they had NOTHING that I wanted :crybaby: (they sold alot of there stuff over the holiday and they are waiting for new stuff to come in)...Walked around the mall and went to Lens Crafters and bought these 2 chanel glasses (the black and the blue/gray) the other one I had.....thought I would share...I wore the Black ones tonite at dinner ..and lets just say DH Loved them...He thought they looked VERY sexy with the outfit I had on....and BTW he is sleeping like a baby right now;) :heart:

  2. Very nice!! I have a pair that I take between the bedroom and the office. SO I bought another pair of Chanel frames, but haven't gotten them to Ophthalmologist to get the lens in. I love having Chanel frames for my glasses, seems like a little touch of luxury to a practical part of life~~
    Wow DH must have really loved those frames!!!! LOL:p
  3. I have a few pairs of Chanel opticals, myself! I think the ones you just bought are great! :heart: Obviously Lenscrafters could do them for you in one hour, as advertised? They never can with me. It always takes a week!
  4. Penny YES HE LIKED them alot ;) and yes I agree ...Chanel frames for glasses,are a little touch of luxury to a practical part of life~~

    Jayne ..I could not believe it....I WAS THERE 1 hour 45 minutes trying on frames and it took them only 45 minutes to put my lens in both pairs...
    BUT they are not cheap...with my AAA 30% discount and adding the NON-glare to both pairs it came out to $815.00
    ...Is that a good/fair price do you know???
  5. the frames are fabulous...i have never seen the blue ones before! verra verra nice
    wear happily !
  6. Oh maaaan!

    I wear contacts most of the time, but I would loooove a pair of Chanel glasses! I think it's time for me to start saving. LOL

    Your glasses are fantastic!
    I ALWAYS wear contacts.....I MEAN ALWAYS...I just started a few months ago wearing eyeglasses when I leave my house... I got so many compliments from friends that I thought it would be a good idea to give my eye a rest from the contacts and wear glasses...(I wear my contacts during the day mostly now and wear the eyeglasses in the evenings when we go out).GO FOR IT!!!:yes:
  8. Too cool! I just searched this thread in case I'd be duplicating...I bought Chanel frames today! I'm going back tomorrow for my exam...Can they really be done in an hour? I love them!! Black w/ silver CC's on the temples...Almost got a pair with mega rhinestones but if I wore them to work it would be disaster! I take enough abuse w/ my outfits/purses....Def got bit by the Chanel bug today..I bought a petit shopper and now these!! Funny thing is I wasn't planning either purchase! 2 Chanels in one day..yup..I'm an addict and I'm hysterically satiated! :heart: Emmy
  9. Hey Vip, love the glasses. Happy Birthday! We all need to give birthday gifts to ourselves.

    :lol: ...... you wore him out, huh!
  10. Love them Elise !!:love:
  11. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOves them!!!
  12. I didn't know you get a discount with AAA???!!!?? 30%? I think I will go shopping....
  13. They do look nice :yes: ........and 30% AAA discount??? I may have to look into this myself!!!!! :p
  14. I am from the Vancouver area and just bought a pair of brown Channel glasses last weekend. They are 40% off and the total was a little over $400 for both frame and lenses, including a free-on the spot eye exam. The name of the store is Art Face Optical on Robson Street in case anyone is interested. There's a store right next store to this one and they would sell you the same glasses for 50% off. They didn't carry Channel in the store but would be able to order them in. I decided to buy them at Art Face since my insurance pays for all of the cost anyway. They can also have the glasses ready the same day. It was fun getting something so nice without having to pay =) Insurance rocks!!
  15. omg i LOVE these frames !!! esp. the blue one, so chic !!!!