Not a purse - but amazing regardless!

  1. So I'm the Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding which is Dec 5 in Cozumel! EEk!

    Anywho. She couldn't wait to give me my Maid of Honor present so she forced me to open it last night and I couldn't be more thrilled!!

    They're so cute and fun and HELLO they're Coach so she knew I'd be stoked. She got the other two Bridesmaids the signature one but I got the nailhead one in silver because I'm special :smile:


    (don't mind the messy desk!)

    Knew I had to share it with my Coach ladies (and gents :heart:).

    On the Coach Purse front - I got a $75 gift card for my birthday in October but my friends and my family told me they'd give me Coach gift cards for Christmas so I can get something really awesome!! Any suggestions??

  2. Aww, cuuuuute, I'm jealous. I want one of those in the new Ocelot print but I dont know if it would fit! SUCKS.

    Haha and I always feel special when people add the "Gents" part to their hellos =] THANKS!

    Congrats on the new gift, and have fun at the wedding =D
  3. I did Coach for my bridal party as well, and it was all of their first Coach product! So they were all very excited!!!!
    Now my friend is getting married and we are getting something Coach ... not til May though :smile:

    I think it is a great idea to share the Coach love.
  4. Attachments are broken on my compy @ work so I will look at your photos when I get home and comment again :smile:
  5. ahah of course I have to show the love to the boys!! One of my few Coach obsessed friends is a GUY! If I didn't have him my obsession wouldn't be as great as it is today!

    The Ocelot print is so cute! I actually just looked at it! You should ask a SA if you can try it on. I think it's the same size as my signature one and it's quite big!

    Ah I can't wait till the Wedding. Haven't decided if I should wear the bracelets. It's a pretty casual wedding (on the beach and our shoes are flip flops lol) so maybe it would fly.

  6. It's always good to share the Coach love! I think I'll do it when I get married as well!
  7. CUTE! I like the signature one, maybe thinking about getting that for myself
  8. It's really cute and and looks beautiful on you.. ;)
  9. Thanks! Yeah I love it! The bride leeps telling me I can exchange it for another color but I think it works in silver!

    I see you're going on a Carribean Cruise in 17 days! I am too!! That's actually part of the wedding!!
  10. what a nice friend!!!! :yes:
  11. Cute! What a thoughtful gift...
  12. I have three of the bangles and I love them.

    For x-mas I told family members I wanted the teal/silver, sterling silver, and brown/silver.

    You have a good friend!!!
  13. Awww what a great friend. Great gift :heart: like them both.
  14. Very pretty congrats.
  15. Wow, those are gorgeous! I love them! And if you don't mind me saying, that rock on your finger isn't too bad either!!!!:graucho: