Not a nursery, but kid bedrooms?

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  1. OK, I'm getting there to figuring out how I'm going to decorate my younger son's bedroom. Here's what's going in there:

    Rustic oak furniture. Looks like this (my older son has the same thing):

    I have also some Pottery barn curtains that are canvas material and color that have pockets all over them and they have red buttons or orange ribbon, blue or green - so primary colors. I also have a quilt I picked up from a free trade store that is embroidered with different zoo like animals (same colors as above). Now I'm trying to figure out what color to paint his room. One that will transition with time.

    I learned with my older son to NOT decorate for what they like now. We went from his nursery where I did it in a Wind in the Willows theme, to Winnie the Pooh, to Leopard to Space to who knows what now - that's a lot in 12 years!

    The little guy didn't have a nursery (learned better to not waste the space and money). He just had a crib and dresser/changer in our room and the crib was never used. it would hold too small clothes or clothes that needed to be folded - he slept with us. For the last year he's been in our room but in a xl toddler bed. So, I feel I kind of owe him a nice room, but one that will be good until he's 12 or so. We do not like to constantly decorate and after this whole house flipping of rooms, NO WAY am I doing it for a long time... So what color? For now I'll just use his art to decorate the room. I'm not spending money on decor. Oh, I do have these that I will hang up as they are currently in the toy room (which we are turning into the office). They go up with painter's tape. I figure he'll be OK with those for another couple years and then hate them.

    I would say light blue, but EVERY time I paint light blue I swear it looks purple!
  2. i would say paint one of the walls a nice blue, but not the whole room. that way there is an accent wall and blue is boy-ish and it will grow with him.

    you can always print off some cute zoo animals and go with that theme and get some of the cheap wood frames and paint them primary colors.

    a hanging shelf would be nice too, and a lamp in a primary color...just some thoughts :]]
  3. I like orange for a nice neutral color for boys. Have you seen the wall sticker thingies??
    They are pretty cool and come in all kinds of diff shapes..etc.. HEre is a website for examples--you can go pretty pricey on some of them but others are cheaper.
  4. ooohhh I like your ideas...I might use a few for nursery.

    Berry- I love that furniture looks so sturdy and will last :smile:
  5. That's the one thing for boys we are not = sporty. Well, traditional sporty. DH is from Europe and was not an athlete. My older son likes to ski, swim (though he's not good) and Tae Kwon Do. And with neither of us adults in the household being into baseball, football or basketball, traditional sport themed rooms will just seem out of place.

    I should also say that his room will have a bed, a desk with bookcase hutch, some IKEA storage bin things and possibly a pottery barn blue and red with chrome kitchen. We aren't sure what to do with the kitchen yet. He hasn't really played with it, but it's more that we never GO to the playroom because it's not a fun place for MOM to hang out.
  6. do u have a good muralist in your area..One mural in the room can set an entire them!I have a super oe who is CHEAP too..she JUST did Haydens room AND also TAYS room(she is almost 13 and still has a dog room!LOL!)
  7. Do you think it will be different for boys that girls though? I mean... boys get really sensitive about things being babyish and 'cutsie" - from their bedrooms to their clothes to everything. No matter what theme I can com up with besides space or sports (if we were a sports family) would my older son be OK with. He would veto them all. No way to any sort of animal or fire trucks or tV show. I think my son would rather sleep in the bathtub than in a circus themed room, for instance. When for a girl, I can see girls liking 'cute' for a long time... like a forest theme or something (though probably not princesses and castles. Makes me realize I want a tree mural in my room. I ADORE trees!
  8. ^Let your SON choose EVERYTHING.Its the age.THEY mUST have all the say in their rooms!dont even buy a comforter without them clearing it..LMAO!
    Tay did her room with the muralist..i sat back and watched.........!!
  9. What about a cream color for the walls and one accent wall with Cream and Navy stripes and then just accent with lamps or look at some "wallees" So you can paint the walls a neutral color like off white/cream beige etc and then put some of these up they are like wall decals. You can then go with neutral comforters and accent with fun pillows easy to interchange. Also maybe paint a place on the wall with chalkboard paint if you are planning on living there for a while and have them draw stuff on it.