Not a joke: Hermès scarf giveaway!

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  1. So I just came back from getting married in the Maldives and found an Hermès voucher expiring this month lying around but have no use for it. And as you can see I am not into Hermès anymore so I thought that the voucher would be well spent on a scarf and given away here because I have enjoyed reading/arguing/ranting and in general being a [juvenile] nuisance to every lady! :p

    Anyhow here is the atonement for my sin: En Duo scarf (full pattern see the link below). I suppose to select the winner I have to ask a question. So since I work with boring numbers I'll ask a very easy numerical question and the person with the closest guess (because I don't even know the number myself yet) will get it!:idea:

    What do you get if you multiply (you can go up to 8 decimal places and usually the numbers before the decimal will not change):

    Price, on Wednesday per $100 nominal value, of a US government bond expiring in December 2008
    Pound Sterling/US Dollar exchange rate on Wednesday as well.

    Hint: Friday's US bond price = 99.7422 and Friday's GBP/USD = 1.9664

    The competition closes on Wednesday 24th January 11pm GMT (5pm Eastern Time/3pm Pacific Time) and the winner will be announced on Thursday when I get my newspaper! The cost of sending this scarf in its box to the end of the earth will be met by me, LOL.

    P.S. I gather that to comply with US standards I have to have a non-liability clause but I don't know how to phrase it so you have to assume that I do and you cannot not sue me for any reason including bad taste in choosing the scarf pattern (really other patterns are so busy and this one is the most neutral!). And no one with less than 5 posts is allowed!


  2. I need more coffee so I can understand this..LOL...
  3. OK, I'll take a stab at it. I'm being conservative ... my guess is:

  4. LOL, my bimboness shows through :push:!

    So the number would be 99.7422 x 1.9664 = 196.1330621 for Friday's price. The number for next Wednesday will be around 196.xxxxxxx. The nearest person to that number gets it. As you can see I really do need the non-liability clause otherwise I am going to run into serious trouble, LOL!
  5. 197.1, of course!
  6. 197.21293
  7. 196.723147
  8. Congratulations, newlywed! This is very sweet of you. I have no idea what I'm doing - my guess is:

  9. oh MAN!! where are my college books!! LOL
  10. this is really nice of you:smile:

    my guess is : 196.12948205
  11. i give up. not good with numbers.
  12. 196.24628643;)

    :yes: Yeah, right! But this is FUN!!
  13. Um, 196.25826715...
  14. 196.874925214
  15. Hello,

    My guess is 196.81791245

    many congratulations by the way
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.