not a happy camper: MC white Mini Sac HL is turning YELLOW!

  1. Okay, I LOVE this bag: it was the first one seen on the runway for the Spring-Summer 2003 show, and it's by far the blinging-est clutch that I own (I consider it to be a clutch).

    It's perfect for the noncommital bag lover that I am: not too small to be completely impratical (I can get my phone, mp3 player, credit cards, and a lipstick in there), and yet, it contains all of the design elements of the larger MC bags that makes it a worthy substitute. Furthermore, it is inconspicuous.

    But the damn thing is turning YELLOW around the edges!!!


    The second I am done with exams, I am booking my @$$ to Toronto to have the thing shipped to quality control!


    *breathes deeply*

    Okay, I'm done.
    (Just had to vent, although any further advice would be greatly appreciated!)

    : )
  2. Sorry to hear that- it seems the white MC HL and Speedy are prone to bleeding.
  3. Not good at all. LVs should do something about it.
  4. WHAT?!

    it only happens to these to models - and no others?!

  5. oh no! hope lv does something about this. keep us posted.
  6. I will, makeupmama - and congrats on the 700th post!

    : D
  7. I don't know that it's limited to those two (someone just posted a white alma with a similar problem), but they're the ones you most often hear about having bleeding problems.
  8. hey, thanks queenOFcouture! i didn't even realize it until you pointed it out. hmmm...maybe i should celebrate with a new bag. haha.

  9. AIEEE!

    I am such an enabler!

    : P
  10. thanks for the info, hun - appreciate it!

    : )
  11. They need to change the red interior color so it doesnt bleed through the canvas! make it a tan or blac interior w/e so i can buy my white mc keepall lol! I refuse to if I see yellow on it! i will die!
  12. Its a known issue with the white MC bags. Even the mc speedy does it. Contact your local s/a and see about getting it replaced.

  13. Yet another reason to be terrified of white- for me, at least!
  14. Are they replacing bags with this issue or does it have to be sent off and you have to pay for it?
  15. I would like to know what they will do as well. My speedy has the discoloration on the front pocket. Does anyone know the policy?