Not a Fedex man, but...a DHL man...

  1. I know I said no big reveal thread...but I am too excited for my own good. I am at work; DH told me that a box came via DHL...
    I will post this evening either here or the other thread for those of you who remember what was coming...I probably will follow through in that thread actually.
    Sorry to be a tease but I am excited like I have not been excited for a long time!!
  2. Oh Pepper, how exciting!! Cam't wait to see the pictures!! Congrats.
  3. ooooooooooh i forget what it was! tell me! tell me!!! i can't wait!!
  4. I can't wait to see!
  5. I am excited to see it too
  6. Pepper~ you BIG tease....Can't wait!:popcorn:
  7. can't wait:nuts:
  8. Ohhhhhhh So excited!!! Cannot wait for the reveal!
  9. Happy for you!! I wonder what is in that orange box!!
  10. Congratulations!! Looking forward to pictures.
  11. Is it the black box birkin? :yahoo:
  12. Pepper, I would have never taken you for a tease.
  13. Oh Pepper, I can't image what you are going through....tick, tock, tick, tock...:sweatdrop:

    "Um I feel sick and need to go home...." :throwup:

    Can't wait for the unveiling!! :popcorn:
  14. I know, I know...posting this was against my better judgment but I was beside myself with anticipation, I had to share...
    I will post later in the "ruthenium vs. palladium" thread!!
  15. i know the feeling all too well..... can't wait for pics!!!