Not a fanatic but I do have three LV's - denim mini pleaty, manhattan pm, sonatine

  1. My question is that I have heard that a lot of buyers of new LVs 'age' their bags to look as if they have had them forever. By aging I mean the leather trim. Is this true? Personally I like the look of the light leather and do everything in my power to keep it looking as if I just bought it? Am I crazy? Is that the 'wrong' thing to do with an LV?
  2. Yeah, it's personal preference really...some like it light ,some like it dark!;)
  3. i like it light..but too bad we can't keep it that way b/coz it will eventually get darker in time.... we can't stop the patina process...
  4. It is total a personal preference for sure :smile:

    I have customers that just dislike the light color, so they will buy the display... and or they'll ask us how they can speed up the process.

    I personally like when the handles get dark, hehe.

  5. I think a dark patina is gorgeous, just as long as it's not a dirty nasty patina. In my opinion, a dark patina shows that you love your bag so much that you use it a lot :heart:
  6. And to answer your question, liking the leather light is ok too. Everyone has a preference :biggrin:
  7. Its for sure a very personal call but...
    I love the aging process of the LV. To me thats what makes the LV unique and special. I love to see ladies with their "old" LVs. It seems to get better and better with time...rather than looking used and old like other bags, it looks aged and classy and loved. Its the reason I fell in love with LV. Its like a sign that it stood the test of time...dang Im dramatic...hee hee
  8. how long does the aging process take? I have had the sonatine for over two years now and i have to be honest, minimal usage ... not because I don't love it ... it is just a special bag ... and I keep it in its dust bag and in a plastic container with other bags ... it still looks brand new ... has not changed color at all ..
  9. i like it light too!!
  10. :wtf: Wow...With the 1 small bag that I have of LV Mono..which I dont use at all now ( I have the Damier lines that I prefer) took about 3 months to turn darker. Around 6 months or so, it turned a bit more and by the end of the year, it was fairly dark. But not as dark as it can be, I'd say medium compared to my families bags..Gee..I dont think Im much help here. :shame:

    I dont keep mine in a dust cover but still...yours is still not dark at all?
    All my family complained that it got dark quicker than they expected.......including me....:shrugs:
  11. i HATE the darkening of the leather :mad:. if there were a way for me to stop the process altogether, i'd do it :yes:. i love the look of brand-new vachetta:tender:!

    i keep my bags in their dustbags and in my walk-in closet. i leave the lights out and the door closed all the time, in the hopes of keeping the vachetta light for as long as possible. and i also spray the hell out of them with Shining Monkey
  12. There's nothing wrong with that. They're your bags so you can do what you want to them :smile:
    Anyway, I prefer a mid-honey color. I find that I get REALLY sick of the white-ish color pretty quickly...I just remember one time I'd been carrying my white MC Speedy to class and it had a bit of patina. Then the week after spring break that year, this one girl who was always trying to one-up me with bags showed up with a brand new one with blindingly white vachetta.
    I just thought it was funny because it was obvious that I'd had mine first ;)