Not a Deal but a Competition - Loads of Designer Goodies

  1. To all UK residents (sorry everybody else - their rules not mine) - have you seen what RED Magazine is giving away this month to celebrate their 10th anniversary?

    Well - hold on to your hats - here goes:-

    Burberry Warrior Bag - £1,095
    Yves Saint Laurent Suede Besace Satchel - £1,190
    Gucci INdy Bag - £1,070
    10 (yes 10!) Swarovski Nepal rings in Clear Crystal, Pink Topaz and Black Jet - £184 each
    Louis Vuitton Rubis Tote - £1,350
    Tods Green Patent D Bag - E770
    Giorgio Armani Pale Grey Tote - £770
    Jimmy Choo Iona Heels - £450
    Mulberry Navy Poppy Bag - £895 AND
    Prada Cream Stitched Bag - £840
    LV 2.jpg LV 3.jpg LV 4.jpg LV 5.jpg LV.jpg
  2. More photos:-
    LV 6.jpg LV 7.jpg LV 8.jpg LV 9.jpg LV 10.jpg
  3. WOOW! I am drooling..................:drool:
    Too bad I don't live in the UK!:push:
  4. :wtf::wtf::drool::drool:
  5. Lucky!
  6. Another reason I wish I lived in the UK...
  7. I certainly hope that anybody who wins any of these goodies is on the forum - after all, these goodies deserve to go to somebody who will love them rather than just win them and put them on eBay!
  8. Gucci, pleeeeeeeease!!:drool: