Not a big deal but still heartwarming :)

  1. So i bought this limited edition Dior lipgloss in a golden shaped saddle box and it cost me 40$ with shipment:yahoo: ... the auction stated it as brand new... when it arrived i was extremely disappointed as it had sort of blackish spots in two visible i wrote to the seller, ready for a long battle to be honest:sweatdrop: . Same day i received an answer , very sweet and nice saying that its her fault as she didnt inspect the item enough apparently and that she would refund me. Fair enough , i wrote her back and thanked, said i am sorry it turned out this way when she agreed to ship where she usually doesnt. I also asked for her address to confirm where to ship. And today along with the address i received email from Paypal that she has already refunded me the whole sum !:nuts: and she also wrote " [FONT=Arial, Verdana]I am sorry too, I hate it when my customers are dissatisfied! " .. she is a powerseller with hundreds of transactions even if i gave her a neg, that wouldnt matter much ... i wrote back that she is a gem ... there still are trustworthy people on eBay ! :yahoo:

    sorry for long post i just felt i should share some optimism !
  2. I am so glad that the seller was professional and refunded your money. Sound like customer service means something to her. Too often do I hear about horror stories on eBay transaction. It is nice to hear about a HONEST seller!
  3. I wish all sellers were like that! Glad for you that you were immediately refunded with no problems. Btw, you didn't leave her negative fb did you?
  4. There are really alot of good Sellers out there but it only takes one to give a very Bad Taste to all of us. So good for you and it sounds like she will go in your favorites!

  5. of course i didnt ! i would never leave a neg before long conversation and trying to solve the problem talking to the seller...i only mentioned neg in context that she might have just ignored me or not be helpful and earn neg and that wouldnt be a big harm to her fb :yes:
  6. That's fantastic! I think eBay sellers often get a bad rap because of the few real stinkers on the site
  7. That's great and a good reminder to us that there are good and decent people out there too - I think we rarely use the resolution of dissatisfaction as a criterion for being a 'good' Ebayer and yet it is almost more important than anything else. After all, I want to deal with someone who is open, honest and cares when things go wrong - pretty much anyone can write a listing, process payment and post items, the premium is on customer service and it sounds like she excels at that. Thanks for telling us.
  8. You could do her one better and share her seller's id with us! (That's not against tpf rules, is it? I hope not.)
  9. sellers like that make ebay better
  10. I'm glad to hear a nice story amongst all the horrid ones! And as someone mentioned before, if it isn't against TPF rules, could you share her seller's ID with us? People like her are the ones that should be getting our business, instead of all the other scumbags.
  11. that's really great to hear :smile:
  12. mods pls let me know if its ok posting her ID here :yes:
    i would be delighted to !

    checked the rules but not sure..