Not a bag point but still Chanel related

  1. Has anyone noticed that after the J12 came out - EVERYONE has a version? I am glad i own an original ... althog=ugh i am told the Rado company was the first to use ceramic ... is that true?
  2. I don't know who used ceramic first, but I do see a lot of Chanelesque watches out there.
  3. uuugggghhh i hate copies!!!

    if u cant afford it - big deal it does not make you a lesser person. My DH bought a fake Hermes belt in China - i wanted to kill him - his rational - the fake cost $50 and the original $450 - so i took him to Hermes and fine I agree that $400 is a bit much for a belt but you can see the differences so clearly! So if he didn't want to spend that much - why go to Hermes - he could have gotten a number of designer belts (Hugo Boss, Zegna) for a resonable price .... and this is the man that buys me any bag I want ...
  4. husband was the same. He would go to the ends of the earth to buy me a bag, but when it comes to him a fake was just fine. But I've been able to get him to see the light. Now I just tell him to tell me what he wants and I'll go buy it for him.

  5. I tried that - I have bought him beautiful Armani and Chanel ties and shirts and he never wears them ... so let him buy his fakes - he just won't get any that night if you know what I mean!!!:rolleyes:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: