not a bag but ...

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  1. these are so cute!! and makes the keys easy to grab as well..... cheap is what I love about MBMJ goodies. Congrats!
  2. I have a couple of these and those quilted coin wallets, makeup cases. I gave the purple key chain to my daughter and she loved it. The MbyMJ stuff is great. Super affordable.
  3. Cute stuff. Would make great gifts for someone. I'm taking a trip in June to San Fran & plan on loading up on MBMJ stuff (& hopefully some MJ stuff too!) for myself & others!
  4. I've had that keyfob in black for almost a year, and I looooove it. Its cheap, but it doesn't look junky, and it is so big that you can always find your keys in your bag!
  5. Love that purple color:drool:

    A. I wish I had a MbyMJ store near me
    B. Those metallic colors would be GORGEOUS on the MJ collection
  6. It's so cute, I love it!
  7. Hey!! I just bought one the deep metallic purple. It will be great asset to my slowly growing collection. I love the purse forum, it is definitely my new hobby. An expensive hobby, but one that I love nevertheless!
  8. well then we are twins!! I love the deep metallic purple :heart: im excited about having a matching key chain and wallet too :P im weird that way.
  9. Really nice!
  10. the little purple coin wallet came today (yipppeee) and its SO cute. Ive got all my credit cards and notes in it. I cant wait to get the key ring too. Id highly recommend this range - its just gorgeous and so unique!
  11. i've got a couple of those keyrings too. I love them!