NOT a bag, but this beauty...

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  1. My foray into my first Hermes bag was sadly unfruitful. Although the Evelyne suited my very casual lifestyle it was too heavy for me. In her place I found this beautiful and striking Heure H, 26x26. Don’t laugh but what sold me was that beautiful Malta blue Epsom strap with the white stitching. I was considering a JLC duetto just recently but didn’t love the feel of the blue alligator strap. This strap is unbelievably comfortable. I love the shiny silver hardware and white face with the white sunburst detail in the center. The face curves ever so slightly hugging the contour of your wrist. I love checking the time. So even if I can’t yet do H bags, I am obsessed with their accessories.
    F40D3953-2733-4316-BCA0-5F0834CAE753.jpeg F695737B-C167-4CAA-8197-3982230EC4F8.jpeg
  2. It’s lovely! Congrats! That’s too bad on the Evelyne, it’s one of my favorites and my most comfortable. FWIW the toile ones are a bit lighter than the full leather (speaking as someone else who can’t carry a heavy bag).
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  3. Thank you. I Am sad but I’ll probably head back to designer’s with lighter bags like LVs mahina line. Leather but very light. I will keep stalking H accessories though. Their pieces are so beautifully made.
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  4. This is a beautiful watch, congrats :smile:
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  5. Quite a stylish watch.. Enjoy it!
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  6. It’s really beautiful on you. The perfect blue. Just lovely. Congratulations! :balloon:
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  7. I understand your obsession! I love this watch... and that strap. I have this version in gold hardware and literally wear it everyday. Simple and elegant. Congrats!!!
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  8. Thank you kindly @Serva1
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  9. Thank you @Love Of My Life I was surprised how vain I was about my watch. :P
  10. Thank you @Etriers yes, the blue is just perfect. :heart:
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  11. :idea: How lovely, with gold hardware @Israeli_Flava will you please share a pic? Would love to see it!! And thank you. I love wearing it.
  12. Ask and you shall receive.... :angel:
    As you can see... I love options...

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  13. Gorgeous!
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  14. Beautiful watch!

    Kind regards,
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  15. Thank you for sharing. I love the YG and black on you. So lovely and elegant. And I love that you have different straps for the blingy version that match your bags!:heart: