Not a bag, but still MJ!

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  1. Hello everyone, chuchulu here...

    I have most definitely been MIA! I've been swamped under thesis, conference papers, and graphic design assignments, not to mention some iffy personal stuff. That said, a little ray of sunshine showed up in the mail today and I wanted to share it with you all. Here it is!


    I got this dress as a graduation wear it in summer for commencement! Let's hope I can manage to hand everything by April...:crybaby:

    Hope everyone is doing good! :tup:
  2. that is soooooooooo cute!
  3. it's so pretty and looks AWESOME ON YOU!
    congrats chuchu! :smile: or should we call you lu? ;)
  4. OMG, I LOVE it!
    You can even rock that with a shirt underneath and a jacket or cardie, waaaayyy versatile!:heart:
  5. June: Thank you!
    Dawn: Thanks! Either is good ;)
    Spacey: Ooh, yes...all good ideas..

    I was feeling a little insecure about the impact of the dress (polka dots! ruffles! bow!), but this has certainly lifted my spirits up. :smile:
  6. Oh its adorable - feminine and summery and it looks perfect on you!
  7. wow it's sooooo pretty! looks perfect on you!!!!!
  8. Wow so cute- perfect incentive to hand in everything on time! Sounds like you're really busy with personal and professional stuff so you deserve a little MJ for all of your work! :tup:
  9. That dress is fricken adorable and looks so fab on you!!
    The perfect way to celebrate!! I know getting to wear it for grad would motivate me to get stuff done.
  10. What a darling dress! I love polka dots!! It looks amazing on you too. Congrats chuchulu!:yes:
  11. That is absolutely gorgeous! Nice taste you got there chu!
  12. that's such a cute dress and it looks smashing on you. congrats!
  13. congrats chu! it's sooo cute on you!

    it's a great dress for commencement! good luck with everything! i'm sure you'll do great!
  14. Nice to see you again Chu!

    The dress is beautiful and looks fabulous on you :tup:
  15. Lovely dress, and it looks great on you!