Not a bag but still gorgeous what do you think?

  1. I came across this one and think it looks gorgeous...would look great with my soon to be paddy in blanc:love: .
    What do you think should I ?
  2. Beautiful! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. too much frills, not for me;)

    If you can pull that off, GO FOR IT!!!
  5. be rude not too ;)


    its gorgeous :biggrin:
  6. I love it!!!:heart: :love:

    Although i don't think it would suit me as i've got hips!:biggrin:

    If you love it - go for it!:yahoo:
  7. That was what I was wondering about...I do too :shame: .
  8. Im in the hips gang too! but it is gorgeous
  9. Stunning!!! :heart:
  10. lol @ hips gang!:roflmfao:

    I find that dresses with frills like that just make me look bigger, even though i'm only a UK 10. They look better on the hanger, sadly!:shame:

    I hope you get it catcat, just to show us what it looks like on...because it really is beautiful.;) :heart:
  11. It's gorgeous. It is very feminine and I am a big fan of feminine! Go for it.
  12. Oh, catcat, it is so pretty. How glamorous that dress would make you feel. So girly and flirty!:yes:
  13. catcat - WOW! That is one ethereal dress that is begging to be adopted into your closet :yes:
  14. Its a really gorgeous dress!!!! I would definitely get it!
  15. Thanks for your encouragements, I think it's gorgeous :love: but it doesn't seem available in my size any more, maybe better for right now since I still need a bit of gym to get back to my before baby "state":p