Not a bag but a JACKET! help please....

  1. Ok guys - I need some feedback please. But first some history -

    So, I've been dreaming about owning a Chanel jacket for like a century and I figured that IF I ever found something to die for I might consider it...price had to be right, style,etc 'cause it'd probably be the one and only. And, it would have to be something I could wear a LOT. So, I'm checking out one of my fav's in my eBay account and ran across this item :9313546287 (sorry I don't know how to paste the pic!) and would like your opinions.

    I'm thinking the fur might be a little much....I'm a big jeans with T's girl who enjoys dressing up now and then....
  2. I LOVE IT, and what a great price. Go for it, its so cute, and would look so cute both casual/jeans (it can be dressed down) or with a skirt.

    I also want an outfit so bad. I think next year, I am going to try to buy myself a suit. This seller always has such cute items, I am afraid to look at them.

    Let us know if you get it

    P.S. - Just make sure you can return it if for some reason it does not fit.
  3. its so hot! get it!
  4. But what about the fur? Do you think that would make it too dressy? I hate that seller....I ALWAYS see something to drool over!
  5. You could still dress it down even with the fur. For example, distressed jeans, white collar shirt (not tucked in) with the jacket, with some simple shoes. I think it would look amazing.

  6. Hmmm....I have to admit, this one is very, very tempting....
  7. Go on give in to temptation!!!
  8. I, too, dream of owning a Chanel jacket. I love it. I agree with Michele, that jacket would look great with jeans! Did you get it??
  9. Not yet....still debating....I have to contact the seller to see if she'll take it back if it doesn't fit. Has anyone tried on a Chanel jacket who can tell me if they run true to fit or on the small-ish side?
  10. Pretty jacket and it's a great great price.
    From what i look at the cut, I think the upper arms are very narrow.
    This cut is fitted and most of the time are run small.
    (trust me I am SA)
    For some people who have more meat might be too tight.
    If you have skinny arms, go for it.

    I love the carmellia, this day the carmellia by itself already cost you
    500-800. It's super buy!
  11. What a great price for the set!! I would ask the seller like you said, regarding return policy, and then snap it up. It's a beautiful ensemble, and I don't think the fur makes it too formal at all
  12. LINK?? Dying to see it!
  13. i wanna see it :sad:
    please shopmam a link???
  14. Do you think it's really bad form to try a jacket on at the Chanel Boutique in SF when I'm there today?

    I'll try to post a link but I've never done it so bear with me while I go through a learning curve....
  15. Is this the one we're talking about ?? :amuse:

    I just realized that the seller is only selling the jacket, and not the skirt nor fur pin to go along with it