Not 100% happy with my new wallet

  1. I can't seem to get it right lately. I bought a Viva-cite, didn't like it and returned it for a cabas mezzo(which I love, btw). When I picked up my mezzo I really wanted to get a wallet. I wanted to get something vernis. I ended up buying the koala in pomme,kind of compulsively and now regret it. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful wallet. It just that now I've seen the Eugenie wallet and it is definitely more my style. I am so bummed right now. I even thought about selling my new wallet on eBay and buying the other or just buying the other and keeping both. Financially it probably wouldn't be the best thing to keep both but I am dying for that wallet!!! I guess this is more of just a rant that I am upset with myself for not really thinking before I make an expensive purchase. I'm having some buyers remorse right now.
  2. Sorry that you feel that way... I find that wallets are not an easy thing to buy, it should really fit your needs and taste. It took me a long time to find the right one.
    I suppose you've already used your Koala? Because if you haven't you could still return it.
    Maybe you should save up for a little while and than buy the Eugenie. Or give a hint to your boyfriend/hubby for valentine's day ;)
  3. Can you return the Koala? How long have you had it? Well, if not then I agree to save up and get the one you really want. If you can't return it then maybe you should try eBay, at least you'll recoup some money and help you to buy the one you want.
  4. Try using the Koala for a bit more and it may grow on you. If you still feel not 100%, sell it and get the wallet you want.
  5. If you don't love it, sell it. I've been there and done that. Now I try to really give my expensive purchases some thought.
  6. Wallets are one of those items that when you are use to one style, it is really hard to change to something else. I actually have had the Eugenie now for 6 months and at times still find it awkward because I used a smaller wallet for so long.
  7. I would sell it and use the money toward something you totally love :smile:
  8. I am in a similar situation. I got the BH that I lusted forever for, but it just wasn't big enough for me. I ordered the Cabas Mezzo and I love it so much...finally found my perfect bag!

    I was going to order a vernis wallet in Pomme, but then changed my mind to the Eugenie. I ended up ordering the Porte-Tresor mono wallet(actually it's on the FedEx truck to be delivered today). I decided that the Eugenie wallet was a bit pricey right now with it being after Christmas. I'm hoping that I love the wallet that I ordered and still won't lust after the Eugenie:confused1:

    Good luck...I know how you feel!
  9. I can relate to how you feel ... if you haven't used it and still within the time limits to return it, then exchange for what you really want.

    I use to be that way and thank goodness I discovered tPF! Because now, not only do I get to see all the new styles before most of the boutiques actually get them, a lot of the tPFr's are so nice enough to post their pics which makes it easier for me to choose.
  10. i feel if you don't like it 100% you should exchange it (if its within the time limit of course).. if not, flog it on eBay?

    i had a pomme cles that i wasnt 100% happy with but i exchanged it for something i LOVE.

  11. Awww...I know how you feel about feeling right about your wallet. If you're not happy and you're still able to return it, go for it and get the Eugenie. If you can't return, well, you may want to sell it to get recoup some money towards the wallet you REALLY REALLY want. I think you'll always be lusting for the Eugenie until you get it in your hands! It's such a beautiful wallet!
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I bought the wallet last weekend but I have already used it. I looked at the Eugenie online(haven't seen it IRL) and it looks perfect for what I need. I have the PTI already and love it but wanted something new and now wish that I had bought the Eugenie because it is more my style. If I hadn't used this already I would take it back in a heartbeat. I hate the thought of selling it on ebay just because of all of the trouble involved. I'm even willing to take a hit on the price just to get the new wallet but ebay scares me. I will continue to see how I feel about it but I just know that it's not practical for me.

    Thanks again for all the support.
  13. The Eugenie is an amazing wallet -- my sister and boyfriend's mother have one and I must say, not only is it stunning and could be used as a clutch on its own, it is a very practical wallet. If you don't love love love the Koala, I would sell it, take a hit on the price, and get a Eugenie wallet. I think you will only use it -- your Koala would sit unused so you may as well sell it.

    On a side note... how did you get a Mezzo? I thought they were discontinued and you couldn't buy them anymore? I ask because I am super interested in getting one and my store doesn't have any left :*(
  14. shoppingprincess,

    I hadn't heard that they were discontinued. I went in to the LV store and told the SA that I wasn't happy with my viva-cite and that what I really wanted was the Mezzo. He looked it up and said that they had one in LasVegas and had it shipped to my store. I had also called the 866 number and they had a few around the country.
  15. If you are not 100% in love with your koala wallet sell it and buy the eugenie wallet instead!