Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 newbies!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    Well since I've come back from holidays I've been going a little crazy. I came home broke and i really shouldn't be spending any money, but I couldn't resist these beauties!!!

    Introducing, Grenat Toilet, Bargain at half price. I :heart: how distressed she is

    bal 001r.jpg

    Beige Coin Purse, I take her EVERYWHERE!!!!

    bal 003r.jpg

    Grey First, handles are a little dark, but I've been after a grey for ages and I love her all the same!

    bal 005r.jpg

    04 White First I bought this a little while back, after another tpf member bought her but seller never disclosed she had been redyed. Got a great deal on her. :heart: the long strap

    bal 004r.jpg
  2. Group shots of all my bal babies, choc first, 05 bordeaux first, 05 grey first, 04 white first, beige coin, grenat toilet and i think vif shoulder bal 010r.jpg

    bal 013r.jpg bal 014r.jpg bal 007r.jpg

    and a pile of smushiness!!

    bal 011r.jpg
  3. Congrats on all your bags! I love your grey first!
  4. They are all beautiful!
  5. thanks, i'm sooo excited i finally have a grey!
  6. Wow 4 newbies! Congrats, I love the toilet bag! It's adorable!
  7. I can really relate to your enthusiasm. I love the FIRST. It's my favorite style! Congrats!:tup:
  8. Beautiful!!! Where oh where did you find a Grenat Toilet!!! :heart:
  9. Love your collection, especially that Grenat Toilet:drool:
  10. on sale in melbourne, australia of all places!
  11. Hello to another bal fan in oz! :smile:
    Great collection!
  12. thanks hun, don't you just wish we had a bal store here??!!
  13. i love all your bbags... but i have to admit i'm partial to the o4 white city with the long strap. it looks gorgeous... how does the leather feel since it was redyed?

    p.s. is your favorite style the First? :p
  14. how did you guess? I've actually been looking for a city for a while, but i seem to keep finding firsts!!

    The redyed first, leather is still smooshy, a little dry and a little waxy, does that make sense??? She is still beautiful though!
  15. Love all of them. Congrats!