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  1. Ok I'm going to start a thread that might date some of us... heh, but still fun anyway.

    Post things that you remember about Chanel or Chanel shopping that has changed over the years!

    Start each post with: "Remember when..."
  2. Remember when Chanel had an outlet at the Woodbury Commons outlets in NY?

    I remember how the shelves used to always be so empty.

    Last few bags I bought from that outlet store:
    Jersey crocodile reissue flap
    Hidden chain hobo
  3. Remember when caviar was priced cheaper than lambskin for classic flaps?

    I wish I bought more caviar back then!
  4. Remember when Chanel sold every season those aloha jelly sandals and we'd collect them in different colors, they were so fun to collect
    My dogs chewed off most of the petals :/