Nosey/annoying coworkers.

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  1. Nosey/annoying coworkers.

    I'm sure EVERYONE has one or two nosey/annoying coworkers at their workplace!! Any other stories out there?

    My particular co-worker is in her mid 40s..single mother of in constant whining always in other coworkers business most likely wanting to know if anyone is suffering or having a bad day too, haha. I swear this woman strives for attention..she walks past my office (I leave the door open) walks by makes sure she makes eye contact with me..begins to -sigh- and walks away..every single time. The other day my other coworker and I were laughing about something..she walks by..I swear she looks at me from the corner of her eye. I just wanna go to her and smack her..sounds very immature that I want to..but enough is sick of her. And when I try to be nice and ask her how her day is she starts sighing and starts complaining..blah blah. I don't even try to be polite anymore.

    Sorry girls..just venting.
  2. I know she can be be annoying, but try a little empathy....a single mom of 4 kids, I am sure she is just starved for adult conversation. I hope you try and be nice :smile: JMHO
  3. Believe me I have...her children are all grown up and her ex pays child support..doesn't take away the fact she's a B. She also talks down to everyone.
  4. I'm listening to a few noisy annoying co-workers right now!
  5. Ahhhh, I hate it - but the only thing you can really do is be polite and at least pretend to listen. Don't want any inter-office fights/conflicts coming up!
  6. oh, she is probably lonely, since her kids are grown up, they probably left or have other stuff to do, and since you talk about an ex, she might just have herself at the moment. that is not easy, although annoying. but honestly, it isn't your problem so i would most likely ignore and focus on my work. my work philosophy is to not engage in private matters, so probably not the best advisor...
  7. You know what, when ppl are that miserable, I always feel bad for them, because I know they have a lot going on in their lives....I know they have been hurt....sounds like she is trying to make herself feel better by talking down, but that doesn't make it right either to hurt others. Anyway, what I would do is kill her with kindness, so she couldn't say anything to you to hurt you, but this would also prevent an in office fight.

    Good luck! (((hugs)))

  8. Thanks! :yes:
  9. awww poor pathetic thing
  10. This is my usual MO, too
  11. I work with this one woman who has been with the company for about 3 months. She was hired and began training (which is a long and difficult process that can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks) and it was instantly obvious that she was not cut out for the position. We then found out she has severe adult ADHD. She is 32 and has a 15 year old son, she is constantly complaining about her issues in a work setting where any talking is discouraged (I work for an after hours answering service). She also makes rude comments and seemingly gets away with everything after several of us have made complaints to HR about her.

    One day at work I came in with starbucks and my speedy 30. She asked if my bag was real and I answered yes. She didn't say anything after until I came in from my bank and she asked which car was mine in the parking lot. I told her which one (nothing fancy just a little '02 saturn sedan) and she went off calling me a spoiled little snob! I was so offended. She said my parents must spoil me and asked me why I work. I ignored her and went back to work. Little does she know I pay for my own rent, car payment, car insurance, cell phone, horse payments, bags etc. I just can't stand her! HR mentioned to someone that they can't let her go for bad performance until she's been there the max time that the company gives for someone to get their performance level up. Which means I'm stuck with her for 3 more months. :cursing:
  12. my god multicolordreams! that lady is a total B! and her perception of what makes people spoiled is so skewed IMO. it's not like you have an 07 mercedes or anything.. but your car is newer than mine so i can't really say that it's mediocre either. lol. i'd rather an 02 saturn than my pos i'm driving! but you get what i'm saying right? god that woman.. some people really have no idea what comes out of their mouths. and i find it weird that your HR can't get rid of her based on harassment like that. but they're basing it on her performance/review?? that's weird.

    no nosy coworkers here.. at my store, everyone is like family, in a sense. we all know how many kids each of us have, where we live, what their kids do (school, college, work, married?, having a baby?, etc) and whatnot. so it's like family when they're nosy too... in a sense. lol. they're not horribly space invading nosy.. but they still ask, questions. -_-

    annoying coworkers however are a different story. quite a handful of my coworkers are so annoying when it comes to them giving their opinion about things. "i frankly DONT CARE what you think!" is all i keep saying. or "Please keep your opinions to yourself. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but that doesn't mean you're more than welcome to give it everytime you 'think' something is gross, wrong, ugly, waste of time, money, energy, or whatever! Your opinions are very negative and they bring down the morale for the rest of the associates AND customers!"

    ugh. every week i go through the same thing with at least 4 people. for the love of god, why don't they get it? Their opinions would only matter if THEY were in the corporate headquarters making 6 digits a year! I'm a merchandiser for my store, so i get to see everything first and work with everything first before it goes public.. and I get a little tired of their opinions on how things "should" look - merchandising wise. "Perhaps you would like to be up here on the 10 foot ladder, with a drill, nails, screws, and pencil doing this, rather than giving your negative opinions down there on solid ground? No?? Oh okay then STFU."
  13. I think we had a similar person in our class. She was always going on about her miserable life, or anything else miserable that hit the news (!!). She used this to get attention. Sure she had some problems (like the fact that her social skills were none-excisting), but even when people told her that she should stop complaining and try to be positive in a polite manner she went on and on. In the end no-one could stand her.

    Maybe your co-worker needs to try a different thought pattern. I hope she's not like that at home with her kids.
  14. Perhaps she's quite depressed, and she's taking it out on people at work. If she's got problems like that then you can't really help her because she'd need counselling or something similar. I guess the best thing to do is try to maintain a purely professional relationship with her, and just give her a smile occasionally without engaging with her too much.
  15. the girl on the opposite side of my cube is so damn loud...people can hear her on the phone two rows down. always cracking up so loud and sneezes so loud ughhh :cursing:

    then theres another weirdo who comes over and acts like my best friend and like he's known me forever...i just find him weird he gives me the creeps...i usually give him this look like ok shut up and go away lol