Nose Stud

  1. OK I have wanted to do this for a long time but never had the nerve. Now I am a fabulous 51 and really don't care any more what people think of my style, etc,. as long as I am happy. I want to get a nice little diamond stud in my nose.

    I have been reading up on the different kind of 'hardware that actually rests inside the nose. My reading has indicatind the most comfortable is the (barbel?) style that has a little ball on the inside end that enables one to remove it more easily than the (L-shaped?) that curves and lies along the inside of the nose. Maybe the more easily removable one is better for visiting the DH's family who would give me massive amounts of sh&* if they saw it. My family knows better than to tell me me what I should or shouldn't do LOL.

    Any thoughts, advice, etc.?

    What is a good size diamond that is visible but not huge and gaudy? Maybe 2 mm?

    I look forward to advice, and even pics if possible.

    My 2 best friends say it is a great idea, one would do it if her DH wouldn't have a complete fit. My DH says no problem, just don't get a tatoo. I told him, no worries, that isn't in my plan:p
  2. i don't know about carat size... i would think that the barbell type would be hard to take in and out, unless the diamond were set into the ball on the tip of the barbell. but it think that would be pretty bulky. i would probably go for the l-shaped one w/ a small diamond. it's been years since i've had any facial jewelry, but i don't remember being able to find any w/ real diamonds. good luck and congrats! i hope you aren't planning on seeing the hubby's family for awhile...
  3. -maybe I am not explaining it well, the inside has a little gold ball that is supposedly easier to pull out than the other, curved style.

    And yes that is why I didn't do it before Christmas as that is when I saw his family, LOL.

    I will make an appt with the piercer (highly recommended to me by 2 people, I would be afraid to just walk in somewhere) and talk to them about all this. I have seen lots of real diamonds googled online, and I live in a very piercing-friendly area (San Francisco, LOL), so I bet I'll find something I like
  4. ahhh... times have changed since i've had my piercings. good luck w/ your piercing!
  5. Hi chessmont! I got my nose pierced almost two years ago and I wish I'd done it sooner - it's my favorite piercing!

    As for nose studs... I've worn both L shaped and the corkscrew type of nose studs - and the L shape is so much more comfortable. I find that it lays a bit flatter on my nose, plus it doesn't bother the inside of my nostril and is easy to slide in.

    As for a diamond stud.. my sister had hers done and she found a diamond nose stud at the piercing place. My sister also tried the kind of stud with the ball on the end and it wasn't good for her - something about it closing around the small ball, so I don't know if I would reccomend that.

    What piercing shop are you gonna go to? I've had all of my stuff done at Body Manipulations in the mission - they are so clean, professional, and nice!
  6. - I live in Sonoma County, and The Blue Lotus in San Rafael was highly recommended to me by my best friend's sister. She had a tatoo, and her daughter had a nose stud.

    Is the L shape harder to remove should the need arise?
  7. Good for you! I do not have my nose pierced...nothing is pierced by my ears, but there is an online community that answers questions about piercing, jewelry, aftercare...and they also post pictures and sell the jewelry.
  8. Errrr... not for me nor the environment I work in.
    Unless I am Indian of course, then it will be ok culturally-wise.
  9. A couple of things you will need to keep in mind when you get it done.

    You're first piercing will likely not be the permanent one. Most shops start with an 18 guage piercing as the initial piercing and its often not as nice and small as the one you are picturing, imo anyway. It's not nearly as big as they did many years ago, but its not tiny and unlikely it will be a real diamond. Most will use that l or u shaped shaft to start with, they will not use the one with the ball (push pin) for an initial piercing. Its better than the ball imo anyway as it doesnt come out as easily. (The one with the ball always ended up sticking right out and I'd have to constantly push it back in, especially if I had to blow my nose!)

    Make sure your piercing is totally healed before you go smaller! I made a mistake of getting a teeny weenie piercing thinking I was fully healed. It was the kind with the ball on the end and the piercing closed right around the barel to the point where I couldnt get the ball through the hole any more. Once I got it out, NOTHING could fit back in and I had to get the hole "stretched" which was waaaaaay more painful than the original piercing. This was 4 months after my piercing so you really should wait at least 6 before changing it to a larger guage (the larger the guage the thinner the shaft)

    I have a real diamond in my nose, it's pretty tiny though as I find thats a classier look which is what I need for my job. I think its about 1mm

    Good luck!

  10. SpecialK thank you so much for that detailed information!
  11. I know nothing about piercings (tattoo only gal here, piercings terrify me!) but I just wanted to say that I think it is so cool that you are getting it done! I love that you just decided you wanted, don't care what others think and are going to rock a little diamond stud!

    I had a friend w/ a small diamond in her nose and it was cute. She was really preppy and girly too, so it was a cute contrast.
  12. -Well, I haven't had it done yet :smile:, I am still thinking and researching.

    For those who have piercings, is it a high maintenance thing? (cleaning, disinfecting, whatever)
  13. I have a nose stud.. i had it for 5yrs.. its a 2mm prong set.. 14k with a cz.. i had a diamond one but it was a bad cloudy diamond.. i actually prefer the bezel set.. since you really cant get that dirty..

    i got mine done in berekely at zebras?

    its also the screw.. harder to snag out.. i dont really clean it..
  14. If you're okay with having a permanent hole in your nose (these do not close once healed completely), and it's appropriate for your work environment, go for it.
  15. A piercing is high maintenance until it heals completely. Depending on the type of piercing and location, this can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months. It also depends on how quickly your body heals.

    During the healing time, which your piercer should explain to you, you will be doing a lot of cleaning. Usually it's twice a day. The best thing to do is to follow the directions closely, so that you don't experience problems, grow a keloid or other type of bump, etc. Dealing with piercing problems is a huge pain :rolleyes:

    I had my tongue pierced five years ago. It took only 2-3 weeks to heal, and at that point I could change the jewelry, put in a disguiser (I forget what exactly they're called now, but they're clear so that no one sees the piercing), etc. I took that piercing out because I ended up hating it :yucky:

    On the other hand, all of my ear/cartilage piercings have taken months to heal. My industrial was almost three years old and never completely healed when I took it out before undergoing surgery. It was constantly irritated and had developed a keloid that never went away My two other cartilage piercings (tragus and rook) both took about 3-4 months to heal, and during that time I had to change the jewelry. Rings put too much pressure on the cartilage and I had keloids developing on both piercings. I changed the tragus to a straight barbell and the rook to a curved barbell, and have experienced no problems since.

    I'm glad you're taking the plunge and getting it done. I've wanted my nose pierced for a long time now, but I'm in PR, so it's not happening anytime soon. Good luck, and happy healing!