Nose Ring Question

  1. Hey, for those with nose rings who use the actual rings (not studs)...I just got some new rings. I got the catch-ball ring. It's the ring that has the one ball click into the open space in the ring, thus completing it. Looks like this:
    I usually use the circluar barbells which look like this and they are fine:

    But, with this new one, the one ball ring...I can't CLOSE IT ON MY NOSE! It works with my fingers but when I try to get the ball in the catch to close while it's in my nose, it's so horrible. I drop it, it slips, it doesn't close, nothing. Does anyone know the trick to getting these little buggers in the hole while in yer nose? Or a brand that has GOOD ones that a spaz like me can work with? I have real small hands so I though it would be seemingly easy that I'd be able to do it, but nothing. Any help would be so cool, lol - Thanks :heart:
  2. wow, id like to know this too! i only use studs!
  3. I only use studs also, I can't seem to find a hoop small enough. And the one your talking about is complicated. My friend sells them at his company and I tried to just play with one and they alone are pretty difficult to do.
  4. I use studs too! Don't like the rings....
  5. i had a hoop in for a while. you need to bend the hoop in opposite directions to get it into your nose, then back.. then push it together onto the ball.

    ... if that makes sense at all.
  6. I did IT! LOL! It took twisting my nose around to unimaginable positions and patience and a lot of praying, then during the pain.....I hear...CLICK! In! God knows how I did it... but it'll NEVER happen again, so this will stay in for awhile- haha....