Nose Job Silicone for a Long Time_seek advice and experience


Apr 25, 2014
I have had a nose job silicone insert about 2-3 yr ago. I will leave who the aesthetic result out of this
I am having mild bruise like discoloration across my bridge which I only started to notice recently
It appears very bad, like my skin is tearing apart across with only islands of actual skin floating in stretched out purple membrane when it's cold or when I just came out of the shower
I must stress that my bridge still feels and appear smooth, I am not seeing the outline of the implant at all, nor do I feel a lot of tension across (I can crease it easily), nor is the area painful. Which lead me to secretly hope that it is okay.
Also, can this be infection? Very slow and mild one?
I would like to seek help and advice from those who have had silicone for a long time, as I personally know not many people in the same boat.
Thank you so much for the support and advice in advance